Kyle Rittenhouse BREAKS The Internet By Posing With Donald Trump! The Meltdown Is Hilarious!

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  1. If blatantly obvious cases of self defence like Kyles case are no longer seen as self defence then I’m sorry America but you’re screwed. It’ll become like the UK over there. Where a burglar can break into your home, you protect your home and family and hurt or kill the burglar then you’ve got some serious explaining to do. Especially if the scumbag didn’t have a weapon on him. They can see it as he was no direct treat and you attacked him. Which can lead to you getting arrested and possibly facing a jail sentence. We’ve gone soft on criminals. If certain people in the US get there way then you will no longer have guns, well the law abiding citizens won’t. Just the criminals will, if that happens god help you

  2. So many people miss the point about why he is a hero. He is not a hero because he merely defended himself against 3 criminals, but more so because he withstood the onslaught of the most powerful force in the US today, the mainstream media. Whoever gets attacked by that sick religion of theirs is a hero, including Nick Sandman.

  3. Ok this was a good one Trump. He trolled these people hard, he knew it would break the internet. I dont have much for the guy but I respect his ability to troll an entire group of people with just a picture. Still glad Kyle was found not guilty, still believe the kid acted in self defense and cannot wait to see all these places that lied about the kid falling to pieces. Trump got a clap from me, the first one.

  4. Trumps verbal attacks against the Democrat party are fair criticisms, considering Trump used to be a New York Democrat before he ran for office. Once he started running for office, Democrats went full retard and either started raging or just pretending he wasn't a serious candidate. Democrats ARE mentally defective and Trump proved it when he caucused with Republicans and won, showing the nation just how defective the Democrats have become. Anyone who votes Democrat these days are mentally defective and the reason why Trump ran for office in 2016 to fix the nation.

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