L4 | इंटरनेट Part 2 | Internet | Complete Unit 09 | MPPSC PRE 2020/21 | Shubham Gupta

In this session, Shubham Gupta will be discussing ” E-commerce Unit 09″ which is useful for MPPSC 2020/21.

Shubham Gupta shares his various preparation strategies along with examples that will help you to crack the exam. Let’s crack it!

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Geography Demo Class 02 – https://bit.ly/3amyCbe

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Shubham Gupta teaching the following courses for MPPSC Mains 2020:-
1. General Studies Paper – IV (Ethics & Case studies)
2. General Studies Paper – V (Hindi)
3. General Studies Paper – VI (Essay & Letter writing)
4. General Studies Paper-II (Polity, Public Administration, Economy & Sociology – Apart from MP)
5. General Studies Paper – I – Part “B” (World & Indian Geography, Geo Technology)

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