Labbaik Protests Begin In Lahore Once Again | Internet Services Blocked In Parts Of Cities

Awais Iqbal talks about yet another sit-in staged by the TL* in Lahore. Why are extremist figures being allowed to block roads and create difficulties for citizens?
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  1. Why so much grudge?
    1) what is data evidence that government forcefully taken containers? Government has many supporters who are happily eager to give containers.
    2) pakistan is a islamic republic. Does habib bank not aware of this? They have intentionally showing their arrogance.
    3) religious minority – pakistan is not a secular state. First ask to change constitution then blame government. This govt is not responsible of extra care to minorities as desired by you. Pakistan was born exclusively for muslims only. You if want secular state, leave pakistan.
    4) TLP has right to protest. Business comes later. Beleif and faith comes first as a true islamic state.

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