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00:00 – Freedom Phone
10:54 – Qux device
18:00 – Razer Finger Sleeve
24:16 – Walmart Litecoin hoax
26:59 – Twitch hate raids
30:31 – Facebook is still terrible

• Freedom Phone


• MrWhoseTheBoss Freedom Phone review

• Qux box

$150 “Qux” gadget sure looks a lot like this generic Linux TV box that wholesalers list for $15


• Razer thumb condoms

• Litecoin Walmart hoax

• Twitch hate raids

• Facebook misinformed misinformation researchers

• Facebook VIP program


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  1. Malware malware malware… Ask apple and Android how theyre doing with triggerloggers and backdoor hacking. Seems like apple and android are made for people to be able to watch you. Atleast this brand pushes that it blocks and censors people from tracking you. Apple and android have activly helped spy on normal people.

  2. OMG when you described 50 year olds you hit the mark with me, I guess that's kinda sad for me…..I do have a tinker shop but it's in my house and I repair old video game systems and electronics and my only friend is a co worker who I rarely see outside of work. Dang now I feel sad about my life….

  3. I just bought a FreedomCar from a friend. No clue why he wanted to sell it. Told me it was bug and hack proof and it should be with the name FreedomCar. I can go through any checkpoints in Mexico/USA and Canada/USA as the sovereign citizen I am without obstruction in my FreedomCar. I can buy food in a take out and not pay taxes to a government I do not acknowledge as my own as well. I already decked it out in Trump 2024 stickers and will be using this to plan my next move against the deep state! Strangely it doesn't say FreedomCar anywhere on it. I guess to stay free. Does say "Yugo" on the back for some reason though.

  4. hey you should talk about jessie lee peterson. the ultra alpha conservative who was at a straight pride parade but accidentally liked gay porn on his twitter feed of a man eating another man asshole. guy is a legend for self owning himself but so oblvious he believes it was all part of a plan.

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