LHOHQ: The Most Dangerous Rabbit Hole on the Internet | blameitonjorge

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Today, we explore the mysterious LHOHQ website and its possible origins

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“Devotion” by Synth Kid

Sam Kužel

“Before Jonquiere” by Grandom

LHOHQ: The Most Dangerous Rabbit Hole on the Internet | blameitonjorge



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  1. That symbol with the hexagon…
    I didn't see any snake in any circle under the hexagon ; I saw what looks more like a falcon, in the style of Egyptian hieroglyphics.
    The eye in the center is probably the Eye of Horus – another Egyptian reference/hieroglyph.
    The Illuminati eye is much different (more "normal human" looking) and usually presented within a pyramid/triangle.
    You did not mention the fact that of the letters H,Q,L,H,O at 5 of 6 of the hexagon's points, the first H, the L, and the O (in other words, every other letter) are encircled. Not sure what that means (if anything) but these symbols don't usually just throw random crap in for fun – everything has significance or meaning.

  2. Of course the earliest known date for those pages was 9/11…these number ciphers show up in the strangest of places…not coincidentally of course…these ciphers are everywhere…it just adds to the whole simulation theory…fractal algorithms tell the truth of this place…this entire reality is written in code…not much different from the Mandelbrot set…just gotta understand the variables that were used to start the fractal waterfall…a literal cascade of creation ?

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