Living in a Country Where the Internet Sucks

Filipinos pay more for internet connectivity than most of their Asian neighbors, yet web pages load at an agonizingly idle speed. Worse, there is no connection to the world wide web at all.

Vice News finds out how Filipinos survive or if they can cope at all, as the pandemic changes the way humanity thrives and connects.

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  1. I remember going to Tokyo for vacation years ago. I was shookt that i was able to download 200mb of an update for an app IN SECONDS, whilst in a moving train in their 3G net, wherein my normal waiting time here in PH is like MINUTES on usual PH net even at 4G even in the Metro. Despite being a social media capital, idk how or why can't our telco's put it together. :S Idek know how in PH we're given outsourced work from the West and still our infrastructure is dirt poor and backwater. And they're so quick to disconnect when we don't pay on time. We rly don't have much choice.

    I also laughed at the notion when there's this one celeb complained in Twitter, and PLDT got into her quick. Days later, she loved and flexed her 300 Mbps. While us ordinary customers suffer in queue. At the same time, students in remote areas died from climbing trees just to get a good signal to submit their homework. ;n;

  2. I'm a Filipino. I live in the Philippines but my internet connection is pretty good. I can go to websites that need internet with NO buffering at all. I can attend my Zoom meetings without having frozen screens most of the time. My parents gave me a laptop and a tablet so I can work and study. Sometimes, I forget how much more privileged I am than most students. I feel bad for them but at the same time, I sadly cannot do anything for them. I refuse to pray for them, because I am tired of everyone forcing their beliefs onto me.

  3. I haven't even clicked the video and with just the title, my mind said Philippines, oh well. One of the reasons why we are sometimes absent on online classes is because of the poor internet connection but lots of kids had it much worse on rural and mountainous areas where it's nearly impossible for the signals to reach. The parents even builds seats on tall trees where the children go to have signals on their phones. And if the signal isn't the problem then it's the lack of gadgets to use. I wish for the best for everyone.

  4. yeah internet speed in philippines is terribly slow. i used to call my dad in australia and he always complains why my video quality always grainy and blur, i always tell him my internet connection is bad no matter what sim network & mobile data package i use. While the rest of the world is moving forward with 5G internet speed, Philippines is still stuck with 3G (LTE & 4G in Ph not yet good enough and just on par with real 3G speed) I visited Thailand before and I'm overwhelmed how fast the internet speed there 80mbps download & upload speed for 4G and that's just a basic package.

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