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The singles market is big and online dating businesses are booming. Digitalization seems to make finding the perfect mate simple. All it takes is a pair of clicks and you’re in the “dating zone.”

More than 20 million people live as singles in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Millions of them today use dating platforms, particularly apps. “That we kicked off a revolution – we certainly didn’t expect that. Everything we do is aimed at directly linking people to each other. Today, no one has to be in a certain place in order to get acquainted,” says Whitney Wolfe, about the most successful international dating app, Tinder. Wolfe is now the CEO of the dating app Bumble. The intuitive selection of a photo on a smartphone and access to others with similar interests (the famous “match”) is a popular matchmaking principle today.

The big online dating services, on the other hand, use tests and algorithms to allegedly decide who’s right for whom. The process is painstaking and mysterious. The formula that underpins German dating site Parship was developed by psychologist Hugo Schmale, who’s now 87. Yet even he doesn’t believe in love for life: “The boys and girls of tomorrow are all going to live to be 90. If they first meet each other at fifteen, then that’s a strange idea, that they would remain in the same relationship from fifteen to 90. It’s normal that people change and you need the chance to be able to split up again, too.” Historian Moira Weigel says dating has long shared much with the world of work, and not just in the Internet age. Self-promotion and self-improvement aren’t exclusive to the smartphone era. Sociologist Eva Illouz, however, warns that capitalism has appropriated love itself. This documentary takes the viewer into the world of online dating and tries to discover how courtship has changed in the digital age.


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  1. 0:51 uhh… you literally exposed 9 identities of Grindr users just right there.
    As one myself, your constant exposure is making me want to anonymize my profile.
    You can’t do that everywhere. Berlin is FUN, but remember that some of us live in places where we’re closeted out of fear (like here in the US)

  2. There are some conservative people opposing this trend. Come on guys it's 21st century. Don't live in past. If you don't like it it's your problem. It's much much better than having extra marital relationship and spoiling everyone's life. Here only enjoyment matters and nobody is going to be hurt in any way.

  3. My personal experiences are one disaster after another….I’ve given up, just as well, women in America are shallow, materialistic and seem only interested in a fun time an never really take the time to get to know you, an dating sites are really a waste of time..in my experience, which isn’t much!…

  4. That dance course when you turn 16, it is very similar to Czech republic. When people go to high school, in the first year usually everyone goes to these dancing classes. When it was my turn when I was 15 or 16, I refused. Later on people around me have convinced me to go there and I could not stand it. Bunch of teenagers dressed up in fancy clothes pretending they were adults. Just a big theatre for youngsters pretending they were something they were not. I stopped going there after the first few classes.

  5. Most of the people on the apps are FAKE. The best apps have a ratio of 20% women to 80% men. Women are the winners of the relationship game. There are so many men asking women out that most women don't even notice the bottom 50% of the males at all. So the apps program bots to generate fake profiles and interact with you. If you think about it, at least 50 or more percent of the people that you send a like or a message to never reply to you anyways so as long as they can create a huge number of profiles with people automatically it doesn't even matter that they don't respond to you you're not that concerned because you move on to the ones to do. When Ashley Madison was hacked and all those poor people committed suicide when the names were released, the police probe found the practically no one had actually cheated on their spouse because upwards of 90 some percent of all the profiles of the women were completely fake. In other words they had interacted with fake profiles and yet committed suicide thinking that they were embarrassed and their reputations ruined for being caught as cheaters even though nobody actually cheated in person. And if you don't believe what I'm saying, go to your browser right now and put in this person does not exist dot kom. It takes you to a page where you see a photo of a person which is a complete deep fake. It's an invented person who has never existed, never will exist, and every time you hit refresh you will get a new such photo.

  6. Dating apps can change their design by (1) stop focusing on the profile picture. Make the first thing we see is people's bio, put their photos at the bottom (2) limit the amount of swipes so people are forced to be mindful about whom they are swiping… That's just out of the top of my head. Yes, tech is great, but it is not ambivalent. The designs more often than not, drives behavior.

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