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  1. I'm fairly certain Josh doesn't actually remember anything, first he thinks Jackie Chan's brother was shot to death when it was Bruce Lee's son, and then he thinks Alec Baldwin, the guy who did the Trump impersonation on SNL for 4 years was actually the guy who coined GamerGate.

  2. what you've described is the problem with ranked matchmaking. it's a communist system where good players are forced to feel like mediocre players because they're only matched with other players who are good. it's a system made to cater to the biggest losers. lots of parallels to real life there

  3. Pod Awful just bullies/creates lol cows it’s a great show and really well produce most people are 50/50 on Jesse tho the mersh and dick stuff are popular but nowhere near the funniest stuff. One episode he tricked a black lady into running around her apartment screaming at people that she won a million dollars for her movie idea

  4. pornography is the most protected form of visual expression because it is the most offensive form of visual expression. it needs the strongest protection in the same manner that saying troons are pedophile demons who ought to be bisected by railgun chainsaws needs the most protection, or marching through a jewish community in nazi SS uniforms needs protection.

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