Mad at the Internet (November 26th, 2021)

Jessica Corrine Moon is stunning and brave.


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  1. Man NFT culture is cringe.

    The amount of people who are most fervently anti AND pro nft seem to have very little understanding of what they actually are. You aren't buying the nft media itself, you're purchasing the attachment of your name to the nft media's record on the blockchain. Even if you save and remint the same image, the minting metadata noting unique ID (contract address) in the saved and reminted nft won't match the original seller's, allowing you to spot a counterfeit since the info is all public.

    "Right-clicking save-as" and gloating is the same as printing a bunch of counterfeit money and smugly waiving it in front of millionaires. The fact that there are people who buy nfts and worry about that meme is just as stupid as the people who taunt them with it.

    That said, all the nft's I've seen so far are low effort trash. But value is in the eye of the beholder I guess.

  2. This shit happens like once a month in the UK, so I could be confusing this maya lady with another one of them. But I think Rowling’s characterization of what maya did and what happened was a bit wrong. I think maya had directly, publicly harassed or bullied or whatevered one of her co workers via Facebook. I think it was a regular cis woman co worker who had a kid who was trans, and maya was basically talking shit on the parent and kid bc of that.

    Also, I like workers rights so it doesn’t matter to me but others might care, maya wasn’t technically fired. She had some kind of contract with her employer and after that incident the employer declined to renew it once it was up.

    Everything aside, the trans gender ideas you guys hate, the laws about hate speech in the UK, the argument about kids transitioning, all that shit you hate, if you have one employee harassing another on Facebook and it becomes an issue with HR, you gotta do something. And even if you hate trans people, it seems like the pro trans one didn’t start shit. If you do anything to her, she has a stronger case for wrongful termination, and you still have the bully lady who might fuck with a gay co worker or a polish co worker next. One worker is an obvious liability, one isn’t.

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