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Mark Normand Answers The Internet's Weirdest Questions Part 2

Mark Normand Returns to Answer the Internet.

Leave your weird, crazy hypotheticals in the comments. We’ll feature them on the show.

We’ve collected the Internet’s dumbest questions over the last 9 years on our podcast KFC Radio and put Mark Normand to the test.


August 16th: Abella Danger
August 23rd: Annie Lederman

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  1. I licked the tip once when I was young and felt the same. And you're bent in an uncomfortable way. You realize you won't be able to do more than lick the tip, and I could barely even do that unless I exhaled all the way. So then I was doing breathing exercises just to be able to last without breathing for awhile so I can reach. The blood is rushing to your head. The whole thing is just ridiculous. Don't try it kids. Wait for a lovely lady, OR MAN to do it for yuh.

  2. I don't think Mark thought one of the choices was every time you make a dog laugh a dog dies. I think he was saying dogs have never laughed at anything he says so fuck dogs. Like he was assessing their worth in order to determine his choice and not laughing at his jokes feeds his insecurity.

  3. 8:25 already did it. After loosing my virginity to a tinder girl at the age of 19. I decided to get a vasectomy but after i went to planned parenthood they said i had to be 21 not 18 to have the procedure done so for 1¾ years i stayed off the market, i decided i wouldn't go looking for anyone until i was sterile. That was 6 months ago & i haven't had any luck, life on the market is the same off the market

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