Marvel's Eternals First Reactions Hit the Internet with a Mixed Reception

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  1. I think what many people are mistakenly doing is comparing every MCU movie to Infinity War & Endgame … this is a new era which is hopefully leading to the next “Infinity War” or “Endgame” … I rather they start out slow and we’ll have everything great by the end

  2. I'd rather have quality character development and a in-depth connection to ancient human history. Action can be found everywhere, might as well mix it up with something different. Eternals is what I'm really excited for; I haven't even seen Shang Chi yet XD

  3. Honestly I personally loved every single marvel project released from iron man to Shang chi , but this movie is gonna be the most different like a whole lot different but that makes me excited that marvel is looking to expand its horizons and I know I’mma love it Cz honestly I think the type of story they are telling here which spans thousands if not millions of years plus the type of characters showcased here these godlike beings/ protectors demands the fact that the story takes its time and not getting rushed over . But again that’s my personal opinion not everyone is gonna share that opinion but I’m pretty excited for the switch in tone here.

  4. it is garbage, let's face it. as i said all along, eternals is just too pretentious for a comic superhero teen flick. it doesn't belong in the mcu. it feels strongly like a massive flop. the overrated director had no business being in this project. other early previewers are even more vocal about it.

  5. Sounds like Marvel and the director decided to tell an actual story. The Eternals are not the most popular in Marvel so, a great story I feel is how to introduce them. Especially with all they’re supposedly going to be introducing in future MCU franchises, X-men in particular.

  6. The thing people have to remember though is that this is our first live action look into these characters. Less action more character development should happen. I would much rather get to know these characters I have never met than just see them fight without knowing the cause, who they are fighting and who they are and why I should be rooting for them. The action will come. People are just too damn impatient…you can't please everyone.

  7. People need to stfu, always hating on something new then they become Mf wagons like they did with Wanda, Dr. Strange, Iron man 3, Thor, and Etc. I remember they were hating on Guardians, tf people these days. I’m excited and no matter what I’m still gonna go Mf support.

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