Moss Introduces Jen To The Internet | The IT Crowd Series 3 Episode 4: The Internet

Moss introduces Jen to a new concept in business technology: The Internet. Subscribe for more The IT Crowd clips and episodes! http://www.bit.ly/SUBSCRIBE_THEITCROWD
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  1. I am not a fan of sitcoms, normally, I can count on one hand how many I have watched in my entire 46 years of life, but I'm frickin obsessed with IT Crowd. For one thing I was born in Belfast and lived there until I was 8 when we moved to The States, and technically I'm still a UK citizen, so I'm partial to BBC shoes, but the comedy and writing in this show is golden. You know a show is awesome when you can't name a specific favorite episode out of 4 seasons. I do think season 2 was the best however. This episode and the one where Moss and Roy make friends with the football hooligans that turn out to be bank robbers and have Roy be their getaway driver

  2. Dear Youtube!…
    You ruin the crap out of our experience when you put Promo-crap right in the freeking middle of the screen for the last 15-20 seconds of the video.
    I have been coming back LESS and LESS to check things out on youtube because of that.
    You are way too frigging intrusive on your patrons!!!
    I really don't want to even come back again….

  3. I used to sho this to my computer students each semester when I was subbing, Unfortunately, the rest of this episode is not fit for public schools. But this part is incredibly hilarious. Love it when Roy comes in. And the "Elders of the Internet". Great comedy writing.

  4. i'm sure you will all be delighted to know this: the elders of the internet DO exist. there are seven of them. they each have 1/7th of a key that keeps the internet running, and they have to meet once a year—in a hidden location—and go through a ceremony that takes all day, to bring the seven pieces of the key to the internet together, to keep the internet running for another year.

  5. OK … the splash screen at the end – covers up the guys as they are … I assume – laughing at the joke they've played on the girl. This is like killing the punch line. You should have waited to put up the splash screen.

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