My internet is literally too fast.

Snazzy Labs explains why the country’s fastest internet still isn’t that fast…
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It’s pretty amazing that computers work at all. The notion that we’ve created these incredibly reliable inter-connected web of low-cost machines is beyond what science fiction could have even imagined just 30 years ago. Many are considering upgrading to fiber internet—with 1Gbps speeds in both directions—however we’ve upgraded to 10 Gigabit internet which is some of the fastest small-business/residential internet speeds in the United States. The problem is that even with the wold’s fastest internet, there are still frequently slowdowns dependent on the task. That’s because total bandwidth is just one small piece of the pie. Throughput is determined by lots of factors like latency, routers and switching, infrastructure cabling, caching, and more. Let’s talk about them all today.


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  1. As a sysadmin, I… Cannot begin to imagine what it'd take to even design a service that'd be able to ingest user data at 10 Gbps per user. Most servers we run are connected via full duplex 1 Gbps links, while the ones with higher data flow (Like remote storage services) have a 10 Gbps.

    Sure, Google *could*, if they wanted, have servers with an even faster netlinks, but even Google's still just a company that's running their services to earn money, and at some point, it'd just stop being profitable.

  2. Speedtest just tests between the speedtest server and your network.

    So it’s not an accurate calculation of potential. You need to do a test between you and your ISP for a real potential.

    Now for uploading or downloading to say YouTube. You are limited by YouTube’s speed limitations.

  3. sometimes your pc needs to uncompress what's been downloaded if your CPU can't uncompress fast enough it will bottleneck your download speed. Some downloads are single threaded so you need a CPU with fast single core performance.

  4. And here I am in the corner of Ohio running Cat-5E in my old house with a 10 year old Belkin 802.11 G router for an ISP that can at best offer me 15mbps for nearly 70 a month and wired connections aren’t possible where I am apparently.

  5. I just got fiber installed today from a tier1 company, not those 3rd party ones. I jad option to go with 1Gbps but because I watched your previous videos on the same topics.. So went with .5Gbps for now.. Was able to dload 94Gigs of Forza 4 from steam in around 20-25min approx(was getting bit more than isp promised, god bless them).
    Very very happy.

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