NFTs and the Metaverse: The internet enters a new phase

60 Minutes+ correspondent Laurie Segall reports on the big money being spent in a world somewhere between digital and reality. See the story, streaming now only on Paramount+.

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  1. I saw this coming 10 years ago. The meta verse is basically going to be a real life simulation mixed with the gaming world. Basically you can turn anything in life to in this virtual world. However, it’s not just a virtual world, it’s a portal that is going to open a new reality. It’s going to create a new global currency in this virtual world. This will create New millionaires on the rise in this virtual world because it will be treated as if it’s reality. You’ll be able to run your own business store or sell in this meta verse and even work and get paid real money. A new currency will rise and cause a threat to cryptocurrency and real paper money. One day y’all will look back and see that everything I am writing will be spot on.

  2. omg… ALL of this has already been done, in Second Life. Second life is the closet we ever got to ready player one. it had its own digital currency that could be traded for real currency. The world was player built and you could buy or sell anything you wanted. there were themeparks, malls, citys, clubs, schools, unis, battlefields etc in every theme you could think of.. and this was during the late 00s. It's 2021 and the only thing similar is VRchat and its barely anything in comparison.

  3. by definition you can create these virtual worlds ad infinitum, so the only universe where "property" will have value is the one with the most users. Its basically whatever has the most eyes on, just like a page in a website or a mobile app screen, only in 3d and rendered on VR devices potentially. So if there is a world that is very popular and someone hangs out in there near a virtual empire state building, any ad space on that building would be valuable.

  4. When she said the metaverse is already here I cracked up, that's so not true, depending of course on your definition of the metaverse. But if your looking at the metaverse as sort of a digital frontier, its not here yet. Minecrafts as close as we have rn.

  5. You idiots that want this crap, should also invest in Tulips and Tulip bulbs…there will be a huge demand and market for them ….I have the feeling most of you are so ignorant and uneducated, that you have no idea what investing in Tulips, even means.
    Your generation are already a bunch of spoiled wimps, that are afraid of hearing improper pronouns, politically incorrect jokes, want the Government to take your freedom away in exchange for safety and need safe spaces so your feelings don't get hurt…bunch of soy boy b#$ches!

  6. If you don't have crypto, but using the blockchain n nft, you missing out one of the main part which is crypto.. I think u eventually will need a crypto to facilitate activates in Upland.. That's the point of having it, other blockchain land, so people can build upon their land they buy.. This Upland is missing some points, but they do nft of the real world, so that could be a good point, if the world becomes messed up – people are nostalgic for the past.. But I wonder, if the places comes calling for royalties..

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