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Kid Rock is The Ultimate Snowflake


Punk Rock Radio Prank

The Kool-Aid Man Challenge

Are TikTokers actually running through fences for the Kool-Aid Man challenge?

Squid Game Smuggler https://variety.com/2021/politics/news/squid-game-north-korea-death-sentence-1235119064/

McConaughey Mayor

Defunctland Fastpass / Lines documentary

00:00 – New Variant Just Dropped
08:44 – Kid Rock’s New Video: A Reaction
24:49 – Punk Rock Prank Call
29:00 – Kool-Aid Man Challenge
35:04 – North Korea Hates Squid Game
40:51 – Matthew Mcconaughey For Governor?!
46:52 – Everything Else

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  1. You know, Merk killed 55,000 people thanks to Vioxx, Johnson and Johnson is the cause of Opioid epidemic, etc. etc. are we really going believe that these pharmaceutical companies are doing the right thing. By the way, they throw money at their problems so it's not like we're going to publicly hear the truth form them… just sayin.

  2. Back in the day, people used to make protest songs about stuff that mattered. I mean, do you think the anti Vietnam war movement would look the same without music? So why is it that now, all I hear about is political messages in conservative cock-rock songs? What happened? Are artists with a more liberal inclination so afraid to lose sales that they don't dare to make political songs anymore?

  3. I can say that Nashvilleans for the most part think Kid Rock leaving his place open was a trash move. We were worried about people getting sick and dying and he was worried about $$$. I from the Nashville area. I was working at a convience store, so I know how it felt having to keep taking care of customers face to face. On the flip side, Nashville relies heavily on music and the tourism it brings, so bars closing downtown was also a hard hit on the economy and the bars that were forced to closed were all bars outside of tourist areas and gay bars and they set weird rules for opening those even, while Kid Rock and others got away with not only staying open when they were told to close, but not even following any type of ordinance set in place. I havent seeen the video yet, but from your description and what I have seen, it can only be another wanna be Southerner that has failed to realise we are all biggots and idiots, they are just who have the most money in the South and can persuade people to vote against their own interest. It's sad to see that my state is regularly on the news for something embarassing rather than seeing the actual amazing people and the rich culture that is full of every religion, race, gender identity, if you are LGTQ+ (Atlanta has one of the largest gay pride celebrations in the country every year) and any other ridiculous things we have been taught that divide us. We are just people like the people you see every day. We eat the same foods, wear the same clothes, listen to the same music as anyone else.

  4. The key stone pipe line and the gas plant at its end would have yes ……….
    Shipped all our contaminated water over sea …….. oil out =gas in= 3rd world country have more green house gas and if we don’t stop our let them deal with it and they get sick……. But we let them make all our shit and then we get sick ……….

  5. I was surprised to learn that Cold is also caused by virus, the Common Cold virus. Always thought it's just cold weather. Turns out this is an example of so called "domesticated" diseases. It's ever present, but also almost completely harmless.

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