Private Internet Access FULL VPN REVIEW!

Private Internet Access (PIA) is a well known VPN service on the market! But is it the best VPN? Let’s find out in this full, video review of the service. How does it actually stack up against other services? In this Private Internet Access video review, I, Techlore, test PIA’s speed, security, reliability, settings, customization, and usability as a whole. This is a complete, unbiased, honest, full review, guide, and setup of the VPN.

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PIA is one of very many VPN companies out there claiming to be the best. I test out its security and setup with multiple DNS tests, an IP Address test, log policy, and encryption. I test its speed using several speed test and torrenting (downloading) a file and then I test the usability and stability of the VPN on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. PIA has a desktop program, bypassing China and their firewall in addition to any possible gaming restrictions. Torrenting is also discussed as well. Use VPNs to bypass wifi or government restrictions to access websites like Youtube, Reddit, and Neftlix.

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A VPN such as Private Internet Access will allow you to bypass regional restrictions such as china, in addition to secure your browsing using encryption. It is similar to a proxy but has additional security and speed benefits to one like encrypting your traffic. You can also use it to bypass wifi restrictions to access websites such as YouTube, Netflix, or Reddit.

You should be using VPN’s everyday since they improve your security and make you more anonymous on the web. A VPN will encrypt your web traffic so that no one can view what you are doing or who you are. You can use this casually or to torrent. Use this along Tor for casual browser to maximize your security.
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  1. This is what I use as a Linux user. I can't remember the service I used before but it was a pain for me to set up in Linux and I could never tell if it was running without going into the command line. I found this and it is what I have used ever since.

    A VPN not having Linux support is kinda weird as most servers on the planet are Linux. Really it is just laziness for a VPN company not to support Linux and even if you aren't a Linux user I'd avoid a network security company that doesn't know how to use Linux. Do you really want to trust data to a lazy company?!? VPN is networking and Linux is the number 1 networking OS so. . .

  2. It's no secret that this not anonymous. We all (99.9%) pay for i.s.p's, which means everything is traceable. CRIMINAL HACKERS BEWARE! p.s. I love your service for Netflix & applaud you for being a safe, reputable company. Please maintain this standard.

  3. Good to know, i use it now since nearly 4 years, picked it up because it simply had decent reviews at that time for a very good price. Main reason at that time was just lag when playing GuildWars 2 and using the VPN to get another route with no packetloss.
    But after a while i started to have it on nearly constantly since the performance is always very good.
    Today however i had problems to connect after installing Windows update KB4476976.
    Just installing client v82 over v81 that i actually had didn't helped, so i uninstalled the MS patch and it worked again.
    Then i looked at there site and found the beta client, installed that and it still worked after reinstalling the MS patch.

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