Pro-Life Game Developer Breaks The Internet! Tripwire Interactive Boss Melts Brains

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  1. I'm glad Jeremy mentioned men's lack of power in the Abortion arguement. I can not comprehend the pain some dudes have gone thru when a woman aborts a baby without consulting the father. How it takes two to create and one to destroy. I dont have very strong opinions, either way, in regards to the abortion arguement, but i can really empathize with the guys who have had to go through that.

  2. There's a reason it's generally not considered appropriate to discuss politics or money with friends or in polite society or whatever. Imho most youngsters are idealistic and naturally lean towards more leftist ideas, and with age, experience and life in general, realism sets in and people move towards the right. There's something particularly obnoxious about very young conservatives, at least in the UK, they appear to just be following their parents or whatever and are usually rich posh boys, or appear to have zero empathy for anyone fallen on hard times, but equally obnoxious are old socialists. Probably because they look hypocritical if they're wealthy.
    There's one I find particularly laughable, though: young YouTubers such as Xanderhal, who claim to have been seduced by the right when they were young, naive and easily led, but who have now seen the light and now they're old and wise, realise the error of their ways and embrace the communist utopia. Bwahahahaha. ??????
    He's obnoxious in other ways, too, but whatever. It's sad that these eejits are influencing our children.

  3. This is truly stunning and brave, since it will stir up the perpetually offended and whiny into a frenzy. Compared to the leftists and their comical identity and representation stands against their imaginary oppression, this guy is actually taking an unpopular stance. It will be especially hilarious watching the most childishly immature of the woke, trying to outdo each other for outrage points and validation from their fellow twitter twits, as they go after him.

  4. My Pa once said something that stood with me forever:
    "You know, I hate the Government banning, or Illegalizing even the smallest free right, let alone too much small rights. If the Government made smoking Ilegal Then sure I'd support it but what's next? make drugs Ilegal? make too much bullets ilegal? make 'hate' speech ilegal? They will be demanded your guns because they are harmful so that we cannot defend ourselves. Next I would guess they'd make your speech ilegal because the government hates your opinion because they are defined as hate speech."

    When I asked him his opinion on Texas recently, he said: "I do not support abortion, because God said so, BUT, if the government does this then again, what will they do next? what will they ban next?"

    That's why I am a Christian who somewhat doesn't support Texas intervening in this.

  5. Yeah, this already hasn't aged well. Goodbye Tripwire CEO. Also, the entire pro-life argument hinges on us being better than animals through some divine right. The bible was written by people, to control other people, in a time when humanity understood very little about the world. The truth is, we are simply more intelligent with an incredible capability to change the world around us to suit ourselves, so nothing can actually stop us from saying that we're better than the myriad species that share the planet with us, many of which we have wiped out in their entirety, because we do not care about their existence. The only thing that makes us special is the trait that we refer to as sentience. The ability to make sense of the world. Baby humans do not have this until very late in their development, you know, after they're born and their brains have developed enough. So, until someone can prove, without even a sliver of doubt, that we're intrinsically better than animals, we are not.

  6. Oh boy, you went there…
    That whole "judge not, lest you be judged," argument is so misused and misinterpreted it's ridiculous. We will be judged by the same measure we judge others and we are to forgive others otherwise the God can not forgive us. Judging on the basis of scripture is a righteous judgement but not unto condemnation or vengeance per se, but rather for instruction and edification and trying to save souls from damnation and eternal torment.
    We are absolutely supposed to use discernment when it comes to Gospel teachings to safeguard against being lead astray…aka to HELL.
    The "judge not" stance is more of a "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" scenario but in the scriptures when Jesus says that to the crowds persecuting the adulterous woman he also tells her to "Go and sin no more."
    The point being we aren't supposed to "Not Judge," we're are most definitely supposed to discern Holy from Unholy and separate from it.
    We can totally try to inform those caught up in the world but at a certain point we're not supposed to cast our pearls before the swine.

  7. Saying “government shouldn’t get involved in abortion” is like saying government shouldn’t get involved in a murder case.

    A right to life was violated so it falls within their purview.

    I’m an atheist. Abortion is murder, scientifically. Once sperm meets egg, it begins the human life cycle with unique DNA and a separate body

  8. I did a persuasive essay on abortion vs. adoption some 20 years ago. I'm sure the stats haven't changed a lot since then. But at the time, they only estimated 1-2% of abortions being tied to rape or incest and roughly 5-7% to "medical necessity". That means at least 91% of abortions are just people engaging in risky behaviors knowing the potential consequences of those behaviors and choosing to end a life over accepting responsibility for their choices and actions. The "my body my choice" and other bodily autonomy arguments are easily defeated. One, it's not your body being destroyed. Two, we are made to do things with our bodies all the time that we may not want to do. Because we live in the world and we have responsibilities and we have to deal with the authority of government etc. I would like to know at what arbitrary point in time the average leftist believes a life becomes a life. And why does it only apply to humans? I'm curious how many PETA loving soy boys out there also push the "pro-choice" narratives. Anyway, rant over.

  9. Such a ridiculous reaction for something that is actually said with good intentions. The way they are acting is as if he was sending death threats. I wish people would stop looking at things from such extreme perspectives and realize there is most likely much more to someone's statements. How is it that we've come to the point where discussion or even basic conversation has been replaced with accusations and condemnation?

  10. I feel like a lot of smishmortions are from 20 something's having one night stands. Could be wrong. Not trying to shame. I'm not against smishmortions. I don't think it should be a taxpayer funded thing. If you think you're not ready for a kid, don't have one. You should however probably wear a condom or get on the pill. I feel like sex isn't really taken seriously. There are too many life changing outcomes. If you want to go out and just hook up with who ever, (man or woman) be prepared to deal with the outcome.

  11. ConnCarnage, Cohh for short, is the number one variety streamer that is in a coh bondage partnership with Twitch.
    To he's credit, he do employ some handfuls of people, has a well mannered chat, produced hundreds of thousands of USD charity streams and makes it abundantly clear that he is a shill that have no understanding of people nor politics.
    I've watched him for years when he's playing games i don't have time for.
    He is really great at what he does and who doesn't need a dancing monkey.

    Love and respect to the big man for calling out wannabe influencers!

  12. Man why did Cliffy B have to turn out to be one of THOSE guys. I always held the dude in fairly high regard, but turns out he rides with the super sensitive Twitter mobs. But unlike Cliffy B and the rest of these people I don't often completely judge and cut-off ties with someone based on ONE issue, so I hope he still succeeds doing whatever he is doing. He even has suggested he is interested in returning to work on Gears of War games and I hope it happens, my favorite games in the series were made with him in charge. Weird how that works huh Twitter mobs? I disapprove of someone's behavior or opinion and yet I don't claim they are a monster and boycott everything they've touched. Crazy, I know.

  13. I’m pro choice all the way but I’m also pro taxes on certain choices. If you don’t want to get vaccinated here’s a tax, if you want an abortion here’s a huge one time tax. Never understood the hate on pro choices when that’s the purpose of freedom and democracy.

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