Questionable Things Solved By Strangers On The Internet

Questionable Things Solved By Strangers On The Internet

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  1. The slave flash trigger at 1:55 is used to wirelessly trigger a slave flash with the flash on your camera. They can work at distances of up to 100 feet if the light level is low. But these old models used a connecting cord to the flash no longer used by most camera flashes anymore. The alternative would be to run a wire all the way from your camera to the slave flash.

  2. When I was little, my family moved to an old farmhouse way out in the country. I was exploring the barn and kicked something out of the dirt. It was a cast iron profile face of the devil thumbing his nose, and sticking his tongue out. About 4 or 5 inches tall.
    Some kind of talisman or something to fend off evil spirits, or maybe even a curse to invite them? Or maybe just an innocent, silly casting. I don't know.
    Do you?

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