Raspberry Pi Zero Internet Radio Player – ICStation.com Pam8403 test

In this video I show you my Raspberry Pi based internet radio, which includes the PAM8403 module. Be aware that this video is more “look what I made” than a tutorial video.

Song used in the test: Silent Partner – Parasail

ICStation.com sent me pam8403 for free so I could test it.
They also gave a coupon to share with you:
Code: hhics
Discount Amount: 18% off
Max Use: 1 (one for per user)
Amount Limit: 100

“2.5-5V 2X3W Mini Audio Class D Amplifier Board” $0.99 (On sale for $0.84):

ICStation has great selection of modules, components and other items and they are constantly adding new products, so be sure to check new arrivals at http://www.icstation.com/products_new.php every now and then. I look forward to doing more videos about their products in the future!

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