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  1. Okay this one makes more since then the other videos……Ugh…I'll try unplugging the internet for a minute. …Trying to get my tablet to connect again. That was the problem was its not connected to CL for some reason. Got to love them. Sighs…..BRB…….Bare with me please. I unpluged the Modem. That seems to do the Trick..Tablet works. This video was helpful. So much so than that other one. Ty RCA TABLETS…

  2. This is some bullshit. This tablet dont work. This company is so wrong for this. I am a single mother of two little ones and i bought this for my daughter. Only to find out she cant do shit with it but look at it. It will not connect to the internet. You can not watch videos or play games because it WILL 🙅🏻‍♀️ load Like at all. This is a lower than low business. But you know what goes around comes around. Ol greedy company.

  3. I am editing this post because after trying for several hours, I was able to get the internet connection to work. I had set the wifi to forget my network, powered off my tablet, unplugged my router then tried once more. This time it worked. I loved my old RCA Viking Pro and thought this would be great since my son only wants it to stream. Though I got it to work I'm sure I'll be doing this again.

  4. I have 2 RCA Voyager III tablets. Only one continually experiences Authentication problems.
    In order to fix it I have to reboot the tablet and this occurs around every 10 minutes. No other problems with any other devices and the Wi-Fi just this one device.
    I have tried resetting all functions and factory resetting and the problem still happens. ANNOYING!!!!

  5. Sorry I bought one of these. It constantly drops the WiFi connection. All of my other devices connect just fine and stay connected. I got this because it was bigger than my old Samsung tablet. I may just go back to it. At least it holds a connection. BTW, this is just a repeat of what the manual says. How about some actual troubleshooting tips? That would have been helpful.

  6. My tablet's internet connection is much shakier than my laptop's, PlayStation 4's, Switch's, or cell phone's but my main issue is that it hasn't been able to properly connect to the detachable keyboard for quite some time now. Nowadays all it's good for is being a stand for the device. Using the software keyboard is annoying and slow.

  7. I bought a RCA voyager III from Walmart around Christmas time for my grandson…. nothing but problems with the WIFI. It always loses the connection. I have tried everything and still no success. This tablet is useless. I will NEVER buy another RCA tablet again!!!!

  8. Thanks RCA also since I love my voyer II I was thinking about getting the III because the new charging port is awesome! But I saw the Galileo and Walmart said more info go to your site, I couldn't get any info on this device! It has great reviews! And 32GB of storage compaired to mine which makes a huge difference. Only issue is affording it.being disabled I can only get certain things a month. Do you know how long it is on sale? And for everyone else saying these are terrible tablets sorry I love mine and yes it takes a couple seconds to warm up, but I bought it when my att 9020A tablet stopped and they had to replace it 3X this rocks

  9. My rca Viking pro is from hsn and does NOT have a reset button I have had nothing but problems with the wifi connections and without WiFi it's useless I have been able to use screen mirroring from my Samsung phone but not my Motorola cast app and the USB connection does not work either so any suggestions would be helpful before I smash this thing in frustration I desperately need to use it for the display for videos. On you tube Amazon prime and other subscriptions I have and the only internet I have is on my phone only Verizon just blocked my hotspot without warning

  10. This thing is the biggest piece of shit I ever encounteted. Your employees act like people are stupid. "Is the password right?" Yeah, it's right. The problem isn't me. Its this piece of shit tablet which will NOT stay online. WHY WON'T IT CONNECT? It says 'authentication problem" and I've reset it, I've reentered the password, I've thrown it against a wall. Its a hunk of trash if it won't go online. A useless paperweight. Suggestions??

  11. my tablet is a RCA 10 vikingo, some weeks ago started not work anymore in my bedroom, but when I'm in the kitchen or living room is working fine, rca support suggest reset my tablet this mean I'm going to lost everything, I'm going to try to see if the antenna is failed.

  12. I have a RCA Viking II and a Pro 12 and after going through this i can't get either one to connect to any channel of 2.4Ghz channel of my router no matter what I do. My Samsung phone, Macbook, Mac Pro, and A printer connect to that router just fine. Also both RCA tablets won't hold connection to an XFINITY hot spot and just about any other WIFI access point or router.

  13. NONE of these are the solution to my problem. Work requires and authetification page which this retarded tablet won't hold onto the connection to let me go the fing page. Nor will it automatically kick up the page. Great bought a tablet I can't use at work. Lovely. Edit: Hahaha, I got a viking Pro I can't use at work. Ironic isn't it.

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