Reacting To The Scariest Videos On The Internet #2

Are you ready to see more of the scariest videos on the internet? This one is honestly terrifying
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  1. That video of the daddy long legs makes me want to commit war crimes, I feel like I'm about to throw up, I feel insanely sick…..

    Edit: I swear I just heard something, I'm home alone, please, help, I'm scared

  2. I looked into “I have dead great grandma body” guy’s channel and I’m 90% certain the video is real. There are no other horror-esque videos (other than him showing off his great-grandfather’s corpse), his videos he posts are pretty mundane vlogs, and he uses the same channel to advertise his DJing abilities for parties and events

  3. Fun Fact:
    The reason why Opiliones (Daddy Long Legs, or more accurately Harvestmen) clump together like at 4:44 is to blend in to their environment, make it harder for predators to single them out to eat, and even provide warmth during cold days and nights!
    So basically, just a creepy crawly cuddle pile, except these fellas can't hurt you. They're after super tiny bugs, or even better, the rotten stuff left on the floor you'd rather not clean up yourself.

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