Review MYREPUBLIC – Penyedia Langganan Internet UNLIMITED Terbaik !!

Pingin internet di rumah ngebut ?? tapi gapunya duit banyak buat langganan internet di rumah yang ngebut ?? jangan khawatir, di video ini aku kasi tau jawabannya.

Price :
Indihome : http://myindihome.co.id/coverage-area/indihome-surabaya/
First Media : https://www.firstmedia.com/get/basic/packages
MNC Play : http://www.mncplay.id/high-speed-internet/
MYREPUBLIC : https://myrepublic.co.id/harga-internet-dan-tv-kabel/

Setiap ISP (Internet Service Provider) punya kelebihan dan kekurangan masing-masing. Tinggal kalian sesuaikan dengan kebutuhan kalian, butuh internet aja atau sekalian program lainnya. Menurut saya MYREPUBLIC paling cocok untuk kebutuhan internet saya, dimana cuman butuh akses internet saja di rumah.

Cek lokasi rumah kalian tercover MYREPUBLIC atau tidak :
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Untuk domisili surabaya bisa hubungi mas Ridwan untuk info pemasangan atau sekedar tanya-tanya dan jangan lupa bilang kalau kalian tau kontak mas Ridwan dari video ini ya, hehe :
WA : 081232672845

Email : [email protected]

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  1. Hello, I live in Indonesia and was going to use MyRepublic as my Internet Service Provider. However, the experience that I have received from them so far was very terrible. I am writing this to let you guys know. This is the reason why MyRepublic cannot expand much in Indonesia.

    On September 25th I made contact with MyRepublic sales person and was visited by one of their field representative (Dwi). He did survey and said that I need to pay 1 million Rupiah to install because they need to add more pole. To my knowledge, it supposed to be free up to 250m from the pole. According to the salesman, my house is about 200m. But living in Indonesia, this is the only way to get things done. People here are so greedy when it comes to money. Unless you feed their greed, then you'll get nothing done. I finally negotiated with the sales person and we finally agreed on 400 thousand Rupiah for installation cost.

    Today (October 2nd), I was scheduled to have the service install between 11am-1pm. I went to my new house and waited for them since 11am. Right at 1pm, the sales person Whatsapp me just to let me know that the schedule was cancelled because the installer is now asking for 1 million Rupiah. Seriously? Now I can fully understand as to why MyRepublic still a small potato here in Indonesia and cannot compete with all the other Internet Service Providers. Just to have your service installed in our home, we have to go through all these troubles first. Either that or pay a lumpsum of money.

    Just so you get the picture, average minimum salary here is 3.5 million a month. That mean in order to have MyRepublic service, one must pay almost 1/3 of their monthly salary? While in reality the installation cost should be free according to your website. And if you actually add a new pole, that's just opening up a new business opportunity from all neighboring houses around me. And to make things even worse, I was actually scheduled to signup for a year prepaid service. That's a year of guaranteed customer for you!

    I have all the communications recorded in my WhatsApp. Including where they asked for 1 million Rupiah to have the service installed. I am ready to publish it online just so everyone know and be aware of this type of practices done by your field technicians. I hope that by reporting this to the Singapore Headquarter would help improve your services here in Indonesia. Because I know Singaporean have more manners and respectful when it comes to business ethics. Hopefully you will be able to teach your team here a better ethical business practice.

    MyRepublic Singapore Headquarter
    MyRepublic Indonesia Headquarter
    PT Sinar Mas Headquarter

  2. Hari ini 13 April 2020 aku telpon ke 1500818 gara2 jaringan my Republic ke rumahku putus yang jawab mesin dia bilang kalau mau bicara dengan cust ervice rep kami tekan 0 …….begitu aku tekan 0 isinya iklan jualan ' jangan sampai moment pentingd alam hidupmu jadi berantakan etc……….ini diulang sampai 13 kali ………trus aku disuruh bicara sama siapa ??? murah oke kenceng Iya……….Tapi customer Service tuh wajah perusahaan kan ?? apa aku harus lapor polisi ato gimana nih….Oya nomor pelangganku 1131712 ya….

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