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Review of Samsung [email protected] Part 1 of 3

Internet TV and home media servers are the “Wave of the future” to use an old cliche. In about 20 years or possibly less, there will likely not be Cable TV stations as we know them today. Most of their content will be on the internet, possibly free with advertising or at a small monthly fee, and it will be more geared toward Video on Demand rather than schedule based. You’ll buy and download movies (hopefully at a reasonably low cost) rather than buying them on DVD or Blue Ray. Either that or stream them from the source. You’ll also be listening to Internet radio in your car and XM will go the way of the 8-track.The future is already here, just not in that many homes beyond the desktop or laptop yet. This is a review of what the current “future” as on a Samsung internet ready TV.

We got thisTV from EastCoastTVs.com for about $2300 at the time,. Camera and Wireless LAN device not included.


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  1. Replace USERNAME with your username and put in the hypertext protocol prefix. Serviio will also allow you to add playlists and is a must better DLNA server than Samsung AllShare could ever hope to be. Your TV is still good, just sucks that Samsung only supports it's product for the first two weeks it's on the market. I'm still trying to get my new Galaxy S4 a remote control app to control the TV through the wireless network like my old HTC did. Good luck!

  2. 2- don't watch Youtube through [email protected] It sucks as an app and doesn't show you any of your subscriptions. The better answer is to use Serviio on your computer and put in your youtube subs through the online feeds. Been meaning to do a video, but basically go to settings on youtube, Privacy and uncheck "Keep all my subscriptions private". On Serviio, go to library, online sources and add in the link gdata.youtube.com/feeds/base/users/USERNAME/newsubscriptionvideos.

  3. I feel for you. 1 of 2 things you can do: 1 – Most of the [email protected] use a single sign on to manage the logins. You can create one by opening [email protected], go to settings, and [email protected] Login, then create [email protected] login. Follow the wizard and at the end, you can plug in your youtube login information. When you want to watch your stuff, hit the A button on the remote (while at the main screen) and login with your [email protected] creds and you should be able to use Youtube as your user account.

  4. YOu just saved me a shit load of money! I was going to pay double the price for a smart tv whereas the nonsmart version was 1/2 the price. Now I know it is not worth the extra $600 that Samsung usually wants for this feature that is better experienced on a PS3 or PC connection.

  5. So frustrated to learn that Samsung SmarTV doesn't come with a flash-capable browser! I asked the guys at Best Buy and got mixed messages. All I'm trying to do is watch NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go through my TV. All this would take is a flash supported browser or an app from DirecTV. BUT unfortunately neither is probably coming to come out any time soon! I'll be returning this to Best Buy shortly.

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