Russia Censors Internet… Breaks Internet By Mistake

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0:00 Intro
0:27 Net Neutrality
0:39 Why Not Just Block Websites?
1:07 Russia Throttling Twitter
1:19 Russia Breaks Internet By Mistake
1:46 How Throttling Works
2:09 “Middle Boxes”
2:50 Why Throttle Twitter?
3:32 Circumvent The Throttling
3:47 Russia Banning VPNs



Russia is trying to throttle Twitter




The Rise of Internet Throttling: A Hidden Threat to Media Development


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  1. 3:05 whether thats the true REASON, IS up for debate. Whether or not twitter has an issue with this IS NOT up for debate. they DO in fact have a rtrded time removing cp posts or gore posts. its literally the only reason i dont go on that site. oh yea, that and there is nobody intelligent that uses it, so nothing for me to read.

  2. As a russian, I think that all their attempts at blocking anything are laughable. They ended up throttling their own servers and had to stop their attempts. Yes, they are THAT incompetent, I don't know how half of America bought the story about russia hacking your elections, that's just dumb.

    Although, I wouldn't mind these idiots banning twatter, might've done at least something useful. Nobody uses twatter in russia, safe for the "feminists", that complain about absolutely made up bs (at least in russia it is completely made up and haven't been around since at least 1917).

  3. Russians get mad because twitter got blocked
    Check my country out
    YouTube blocked 🚫
    Twitter blocked 🚫
    Facebook 🚫
    Kali.org 🚫
    Every site that teaches cyber security 🚫
    Any website that might have PRgraphy 🚫
    Websites that you can download a vpn from 🚫
    Telegram 🚫
    Netflix 🚫
    Free speech blocked 🚫
    Any news Web page that not managed by government blocked 🚫
    I can go on until stars turn into stone

  4. I think this was not a error… It was a test how public would react. Aside from that twitter should be held responsible. When they censored Trump they were more than eager citing names of the laws he violated, but when they themselves are called… its an attack on democracy and freedom of speech. Ban twitter and other social media if they don't comply… They have became political tools for people brainwashing and they are fully aware of their dominant position. Its time to slap their hands a bit…

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