Satellite Internet Showdown! How does Starlink stack up against Viasat and HughesNet?

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As Starlink enters public BETA, it’s the right time to compare how it stacks up against other satellite internet providers. In this video we look at the three big players Viasat, Hughesnet, and Starlink internet. Will it be the right fit for you? Let’s check it out!

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0:00 Intro
0:35 Satellite Broadband Companies Compared
1:38 How fast is Satellite Broadband
2:20 Data Caps and Pricing
3:24 Is Satellite right for you?


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  2. I’m pretty happy with Starlink. I’ve had Hughesnet and it was worthless.

    With starlink I can work from home and stream movies with no issues.

    The speed fluctuates from a low end of on average 40 mbps to well over 100. As far as online gaming there are some latency issues but perhaps that will improve after the beta is over.

    I’m just happy I can watch whatever I want and surf, no pixelation or buffering!!!

    Starlink is quality!

  3. I have Viostat. Very expensive for what you get. Hughesnet & Viostat have people like me with no other options over a barrel. They take advantage of their customers. You would think they would supply a little Vaseline while they sc… you.
    Starlink will be a game changer and I hope they put Hughesnet & Viostat out of business.

  4. True story, kids have xboxes and I have 3 verizon hotspots with booster costing 200 a month. I have viasat and CenturyLink dsl at 1.7mbps. Takes more than 2 weeks switching between all connections to get their games updated, then they play a couple of days before new updates of 20-60gb and I've already capped everything but dsl. Another 3 weeks before they play.not to mention i can really watch youtube except on my phone. The struggle is real for the have nots.

  5. I unfortunately have Hughesnet service because there is no other option for me at my location, let me say it is the worst, my speeds are usually 1kbps to 6mbps and the latency is usually around 2 to 3 thousand milliseconds, when it works. I can't wait for Starlink to get to me, oh and by the way I'm paying over 250.00 dollars a month for this garbage.

  6. Yeah good luck every one i mean everyone is going to get left in the dust.

    get on the beta now if you havent so you can get into the per ipo first (-_-)

    My speeds so far on starlink im still using their router just one device connected witch is my pc through ethernet

    only thing i did was update my computers MTU file size to 1500 no loss of packets

    but when i go to change mtu on the starlink router using the default gateway ip address you cant change any settings like you can with others using admin permissions

    it seems like i am getting a higher avg speed more consistently though

    26ms 126 15
    29ms 124 13
    28ms 174 17
    27ms 233 17

    I would say avg (27ms lat) (178mbps down) (15mbps up)

    some things you can do in the meantime before more sats get put up and speeds double this year

    with a 802.11ax router you can boost speeds up to 30% some on here show and gain access to the default gateway so you can change you're routers MTU file size for the whole network.

    get a network card 10g wired or wireless 802.11ax

    put you're dish higher up like a chimney or on a roof in the open.

    StarLink will become a trillion dollar componey in 10 years time. providing people all around the world with fiber optic speeds think about having a fiber optic internet on a boat in the fucking ocean can comcast do that no that cant well starlink just won that market

    starlink will have 44,000 satellites in space shooting lasers at each satellites in a vacuum you drop from one you're connected to another one seamlessly.

    Since gravity bends light, earths gravity will help bend starlink satellites lasers so there is less latency.

    1 unlimited data

    2 still have internet if something lands on the power lines just hook up the generator

    3 cheaper

    4 faster

    5 will be portable

    6 make money off the pre ipo stock in 2022

  7. Correction: Neither Viasat nor Hughesnet qualify as broadband. The current FCC definition of broadband is a service that provides a MINIMUM of 25 mbps. A service that can't consistently provide that speed as the floor of connectivity does not count as broadband service.

  8. Back in 1996 I had Starband Satellite Internet. Its speed was 8Mbps down 1Mbps up. The data was streamed through a Network Operations Center (NOC) so there was a 2ms actual break in signal sometimes. But when DSL 128Kbps was all that was available at the time (before Cable Internet was available in my area) you lived with it and it cost $169.99 a month back then. The install and modem were $800!

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