she stole my broccoli casserole recipe – internet drama part 2

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[Verse: Helen and Alicia]
Ooh, Caroline, oh
Keep my name out
Of your thin mouth
What did Caroline do, Helen?

[Verse: Helen]
She stole my broccoli
Casserole recipe
Eight years ago
And claimed it wa hers (She claimed it was hers)

[Chorus: Doris]
No, you’re not talkin’ aboit my bfriend, Carolin, no
She a Chrietsn lady (Chrietsn lady)

[Outro: Helen]
She’s a rotten (Rotten)
Recipe stealin’ bitch

No, oh, careful who your friends are


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  1. So, I got bored at school yesterday, but also had this stuck in my head, and started forming a story out of this. So basically, first things first, Caroline stole Helen's broccoli casserole recipe. Helen uses Alicia as a sort of question-beggar so she can rant about Caroline's misdeeds. Meanwhile, alerted to Helen's post, Caroline seeks to fight back by sending Doris to Helen's comment section and using her as a defender to weaken Helen's efforts. The story concludes with Helen warning Doris to be careful who she trusts, for Helen and Caroline have had years of bitter rivalry in the past, long before the recipe incident.

    It is currently 10:17 p.m, and I should be asleep. Thank you for reading.

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