Shillong Violence : Internet Banned, Curfew Imposed After 15 August Violence | The Quint

Internet services have been banned for 48 hours in the four districts of Meghalaya following unrest over the past few days, in the aftermath of the encounter of former Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) militant Chesterfield Thangkhiew

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Video: T7 News
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  1. We are MAWLAI we are the Hynniewtrep live for something or die for nothing UNITY is within us to protect the next generations to come to be free from this tyranny of the blind govt and those who are in power

  2. Since this report is nowhere near to what the citizens of Shillong see and knows, as a responsible citizen of Shillong let me clarify something:
    No one is supporting any militant group or anti national activities here. The people of Shillong and Meghalaya are as peace loving as any citizen or community of the most civilized world.
    In fact, everyone are happy to see that militancy is almost over and non existence for many years now, but it seems that there is someone in the corridor of power who want to keep this ugly head of extremism alive!
    The people of the state symphatised with a fellow citizen who belong to the society and who was mercilessly left to struggle for breath and die right infront of his children after being kicked, stamped on the ground and shot.
    No one is in favorite of violence and no one is defending a crime..but the timing of all these events is very strategic, as it is the time where many in the state are very much upset with the government for it's various failures, that has left the public felt betrayed and looted.
    The most important thing to remember is, this is the anger of the people against it's own government for it's many stupid and nonsensical actions that has gravely hurt the feelings and sentiments of the people. it has nothing to do with the idea of anti-national or communalism, and surely nothing and not at all related with religion…

  3. People in comments : government brought this upon themselves….
    Commonsense : how does that give anyone the right to throw petrol bombs at cm residence and burn cars , loot etc all this is liberal propoganda anti nationals should be thrown in Afghanistan and Pakistan…. They will enjoy their shriya law there…..

  4. Hate the sight of CRPF… THEY lack credibility…..
    Dear forces, know that our land has been governed peacefully for 1000s of generation…..
    So far, You are the most disrespected individuals that have entered our villages….. U Lack respect…Uncultured in your behavior and attitude…
    Long live the wisdom of our forefathers…..

  5. ?❤️Very sad …even Ajmal Kasab who bombed Taj Hotel was given fair Judicial trial for 10year. A citizen of India who surrendered and initiated peace and negotiation; a chronic kidney patient …….. murdered cold blooded by Police without any Judicial Proceedings..The reality that India Citizens are less valuable than a Pakistan Terriorist..sad Irony

  6. The eye witness of the incident are being interviewed by the local news channel like @BatesiTv @t7news @NongsainHima @RiKhasiChannel.
    I request @thequint to find a translator and interpret the chilling details of the incident described by (L)Cheristerfield Thangkhiew's sons present at the same room when the shooting occurred.

  7. You were not here in the city or on the ground to ask,inquire and analyse the truth of what lead to this incident and protest how would you know what you're reporting is true. Be responsible don't just report everything what you heard but be responsible.

  8. The police have created extra chaos by staging violence seemingly on themselves so that they can call a curfew and bring in armed forces. If this was real there would be a statewide man hunt for the individuals and the weapons that were allegedly seized my the unidentified persons. There isn't even a police statement. How did a group of youth use stones and rocks capture a police vehicle carrying armed policemen and made them leave everything and run into the forest? What a joke. This is all staged so that they can bring in armed forces because we know they lied about the fake encounter.

  9. As per public and police knowledge, (Late) Mr Cheristerfield Thangkhiew was a surrendered cadre/leader of the banned outfit. He had been facilitated by the police when he surrendered a few years ago. On Friday, he was killed in front of his family members at his own residence on the pretext that he was allegedly still involved with the banned outfit. This is why there is anger in Shillong, especially at Mawlai. If a former insurgent was killed this way then who will come forward to surrender in the future. Leadership of Meghalaya has no gall to fight drug bosses, and other corruption in power but they sure are brave to kill a humbled man at his own home. Pathetic governance, incompetent policing and insult to true freedom.

  10. Dear Quint, don't just show this video but also tell the people why it is happening, tell them the truth because by seeing this video, it definitely lead to a misunderstanding. Non of the Meghalaya people happy to do this but they made us too. Tell the people of India the truth. Let them know what our government and some corrupted police officer are doing ?.

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