Should You Download Mags by One Round? (Internet Gun BS)

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  1. I'm glad you made the point that this is not a rule, but I'm surprised that you don't know why and where this comes from. Everyone in the military thats ever carried an m16/m4 knows better and they know why. The problem is on the mag change and the risk it won't lock into place. It isn't an internet myth its doctrine. The concern isnt wearing the spring out, or a malfunction once the mag is locked in. Its the risk of it falling out. You've very limited experience. There are multiple videos on youtube showing police officers and others, magazines falling out on a reload. Its because they filled them all the way with the spring compressed to its max.

  2. @Yankee marshal you are correct on this one! I was told few years ago by Smith and Wesson performance center personnel about mag springs being compressed for long periods, he said this ["If a man buys a brand new car of his choice, zero miles on it and has car delivered to his house and immediately stores said car in his garage and not once drives the car for 20 years, At the end of 20 years will the springs on the suspension be worn out from sitting compressed that long? He said NO! When the springs are compressed and decompressed on a regular basis, that action will wear out springs. Doesn't matter if it's magazine springs or car springs, their made to stay compressed, springs will set and stay."] Caveat to this is over loading magazines, many many years ago not sure how long ago springs were made from different metals with different tensile strength.
    I do know any magazines made from 80's to present are good to go being loaded long periods of time. It's possible mag springs from 60's & 70's are fine compressed, however I don't have that experience. I've had M1A mags loaded to capacity (20rds) since early 90's with surplus ammo from early 80's and last year went shooting- all mags worked as intended and all rounds went bang! I also have dozens of Glock mags loaded for well over 15 years and they all work just fine, some of the mags I do use regularly have had springs replaced at least 2 times in just 5 years. Hope this helps people who question that. P.S the reason I only load 29rds in an AR mag is because it's easier to lock in place on a closed bolt.

  3. If springs don't wear out then why do they sell replacement springs? What makes them wear out? Compression. I would you agree with you that mag springs are designed to handle fully loaded magazines prior to firing. I would contend that leaving a fully loaded magazine static for an extended period of time, will indeed cause the weakening of the metal and create a "memory" of the compressed state.

  4. I only have 11 rounds in my 12 round Sig Sauer P365XL… only cuz it’s to hard to load the 12th round and when inserted into the pistol, it goes in hard and it has even left marks on the feed lips of the mag. I wish I could insert pix here. I’m going to buy Magguts for them but I’m on a fixed income and I have other priorities right now, PCC… Oh yeah, not only do Magguts add two rounds to your mags, they also extend the baseplate of mag slightly, also. I don’t know about you, but the OEM P365XL mags are really flush to the bottom of the grip and a little extension will help in stripping out and reinserting fresh mag.

  5. The only time I’ve ever had to download a mag was my AR mags (didn’t matter the make of the mag). This applied to all my AR’s. AR Close bolt reloads we’re never consistently reliable during transition/tac reload. However, I Never needed to download for any of my handguns. Mind you this is during competition, but regardless of the Mag or rife I found downloading by one on your follow up Mags made for more reliable reloads. However, once I went to a pmag40 I never really needed to reload.

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