SpaceX Starlink Satellite Internet – 6 Month Update – Canadian Full Time RVer

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  1. I know Dennis Wintjes, one of your other commenters, already commented, but Chris, from Mobile Internet Resource, noted that management of Starlink has paused the rollout of satellites, they will stay in Beta for some more years yet at 100,000 subscribers with 600,000 on a waiting list. New filings with the US FCC that may be useful for RVers, but everything is in the future, it seems.

    It would appear that the system holds promise for RVers, but it is not quite there in terms of all the pieces being in place quite yet. If you like risk, like being the first with all the latest technology, have money to burn, then dive in. Otherwise,…..

  2. Apart from if a Canada-assigned dish can be used in the States, another issue is that (according to a support rep): you can't sell your Starlink kit if you cancel your service. So if you want to upgrade to a newer, perhaps more efficient model, or if you move to an unserviced area, you can't sell your dish to someone else. I mean, you can, but the buyer can't take on the dish to use their service (can't be transferred). I hope this changes. I haven't heard anyone talk about it.

  3. Meanwhile, I live 10mi from Downtown LA but Spectrum is so bad given their monopoly in my area that it literally drops once per hour…the amount of aggravation is about what any normal person would expect.

    I’m not sure when Spacex allows users in urban areas like mine – though I’m actually in the foothills – but it can’t be soon enough…

  4. As you “Love Your RV”, I love your videos Ray. Very informative. After watching your DC-DC charger video several times, I upgraded to 2x Lithium batteries and installed a 40A Renogy charger in my 2020 Class C. Works flawlessly. Thanks Ray, keep up the great work.
    Rob C

  5. We have It here in rural New Brunswick. Had a Power serge when lighting hit close to house. It fried our Submersible Well Pump and the Star Link router. Costed $1800 for the well and Star Link replaced the Kit for Free,just had to return the org Kit. We're into about $900 for Kit /Sign Up and it's 149.00 mth.It's worth It.Was paying $137 mth for Buffering on old Service. Son has PS5 and I'm always online. Works Great. Worth the Money.

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