Super Hornio Brothers! The Real Super Mario Movie- Tales From the Internet

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Super Hornio Brothers is an infamous lost Mario parody movie starring Ron Jeremy that was rediscovered by SomethingAwful users.

Watch (a heavily edited version of) it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfZc4cYzylM

Edited by Biodegradable: http://www.twitter.com/biodeeditable

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  1. Several people have notified me of the existence of this video. I cut ties with the Hornio Brothers more than five years ago due to a fundamental ideological disagreement. They are no longer part of my life.

    Edit: Clarifications:

    The tape had "Super Hornio Bros" silkscreened on it, and I wasn't familiar with the pre-existing saga so I didn't understand the significance of "Scenes from Part I."

    The "documentary" was going to be a very strange ~5 minute film "documenting" the ritual I used to digitize the VHS tape, set to the Alchemist's theme from Jodorowsky's The Holy Mountain. I still have the footage around here somewhere but (IIRC) I never finished it before I had to send the tape back, as I was extremely busy applying for art schools and having ADHD. I had been using the equipment to digitize Betacam tapes I'd found and ended up making a piece that got me a scholarship.

  2. True story, in 2015 I was passing a multi tenant retail building when I saw the sign "Video Store." I was really excited! What kind of rare films would they have? It wasn't until I walked inside that I realized is was a HARDCORE PORN VHS STORE!!! IN 2015!!! WTF? And the store was really busy! At first I wondered, WTF aren't these guys just downloading porn online for free like everyone else? Then I realized these were probably all men banned from using computers which creeped me out even more! But as long as I was there I actually did stay to buy some rare non porn VHS tapes for only .50c each!

  3. When I worked at Blockbuster there would actually be hardcore porn tapes left in the over night bin in their original VHS boxes. We could never figure out if this was a prank or if some people actually thought there hardcore pornos were rented from Blockbuster. We also couldn't figure out if renting hardcore porn was really a thing. Seriously do you really want someone to turn a porno after it's been used?

  4. A porn film has absolutely nothing to do with the source material in its title? The heck you say? Since Hollywood does this with regular films left and right changing titles its not surprising. Think about all the films called 'Cannibal Holocaust II' which have nothing to do with the original film or cannibal at all! Think about all the films with 'Jaws' in the title which have nothing to do with Peter Benchley's novel! Some don't even have shark in them at all! NBC actually made a mini series 'Peter Benchley's The Beast' to promote Benchley new novel 'The Beast' despite the fact the novel takes place in a different part of the world and has completely different characters and plot! ABC was so afraid of this that they aired a film called 'Loch Ness' at the exact same time just to counter it and as you might guess 'Loch Ness' was advertised as a horror action film when it fact it has fuck all to do with Nessie!!! It's actually just a romance about a couple falling in love by Loch Ness!!! The real kicker is 'Loch Ness' is actually a great romantic film! I was literally moved to tears.

  5. Porn is absolutely an art form 100% agree. Not just saying that as someone who draws waay to much fan art of naked fictional ladies in my free time and then hides it on my computer or in notebooks and then internally burns with shame and embarrassment lol. Porn is a very human form of expression it’s like music. Much of the main stream stuff is a bit too much for me to not get sensorially overloaded or feel grossed out personally, but you do a little digging and can find lots of fascinating and enjoyable or hilarious gems in any medium. ??


    so my dad worked in the movie business for 40 years and in my childhood home we had movie posters hung up from all the movies my dad worked on. one of these movie posters was for “shazaam” since my dad worked on it. growing up i always called it the “shazaam” poster and thought that sinbad was the genie in the poster. this poster was up for years in my childhood home until i graduated high school and my dad moved into a smaller house. 3 years ago from this last june, my dad passed away and i have all of his belongings- including all of his movie posters. about a year or so ago my fiancé and i started talking about “shazaam” and we got into an argument about who starred in it. he said shaq, i said sinbad. i was so certain it was sinbad on that movie poster considering i saw it thousands of times. sure enough though, we looked it up and it’s the movie poster with shaq, and it’s not called “shazaam” like we both remembered- it’s “kazaam”. i even pulled out the movie poster from where i had it stored and there’s frickin shaq starring in “kazaam”. i had no idea this was a “mandela effect” until hearing so from this video. i can understand mis-remembering the movie as “shazaam”, but why sinbad?! my dad also worked on a cartoon movie with sinbad, but i remember them separately and don’t feel that had any influence on my memory let alone everyone else’s. my mind is blown and i want answers, dammit!

  7. Shame what's come out about Ron Jeremy. Never saw the pieces that he gained his fame from(pun intended). But I did love his bit parts in the boondock saints and Orgazmo. And while I remember her was briefly in Detroit Rock City, I feel like there's more I've seen with him in it(more puns) but I couldn't look through the 1.5k+ actor credits he has on IMDb. That same reason why no one's seen ever thing to offer on a porn site since free porn sites lol ok I'm done. Great video. Glad to have this info now too lol

  8. They got clever and made the Mario character Luigi so that you couldn't argue likeness in court. Nintendo probably knew they'd lose, so bought them out on the first one, knowing it would ruin the second. Kinda makes you wonder if they knew Nintendo would do this. Lol

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