survival. by Internet Historian Incognito Mode | First Time Reaction

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The Chicago Crews are from all over Chicagoland. All reactors give their genuine takes on videos they have never seen before.

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Giới thiệuThúy Navi

Thúy Navi 26 tuổi đam mê du lịch, công nghệ,đang sống và làm việc tại Hà Nội. Founder,Blogger tại Website: http://www.internetviettelnhatrang.com/

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  1. I am a Bangladeshi & I actually don't feel comfortable in holding any of my male friend's hand (or anyone else's who may be male). But I have indeed seen this happen in the streets a few times. Men holding hands belong to two groups of the society – they are either from a lower-mid to poor class of family & society or are living in & traveling from the rural, remote areas. Men brought up in the urban areas don't hold one another's hands as far as I've noticed. I guess it kind of also shows a difference of persons in terms of social status.
    Btw, please do not mind that homosexuality isn't accepted over here (for now). Being a developing country we're still trying to learn about mental health, bullying & cyberbullying, giving rights to transsexuals and other issues. It might take a few generations to fully grasp these concepts but I am optimistic that someday we will see changes happening for providing equity to all. 🙂
    (Also, two female holding hands is also considered normal here, since they're not seemed as lesbians. Had to edit this in to let others know – if anybody reads something this long lol. )

  2. Speaking of unethical reality TV, did you ever see Joe Schmoe?

    It was a show where 20 contestants are put in a mansion a la the Bachelor, competing to win a huge cash prize. The catch is, only one guy, Joe was an actual contestant, the rest were all paid actors working off a preplanned script. But it turns out that Joe was a saint, and all the actors were becoming suicidally depressed at having to lie to the nicest guy in the world for money.

  3. First year i moved to my current home 12 years ago there was a tornado touch down less than 200 yards from my "cabin". Which was essentially a wooden storage shed with insulation and solar panel on top. Needless to say there was nothing to soften the sound or vibration of said tornado. It also hailed so hard that everything was covered in 5 inches of ice balls.

    I live in South Carolina, so i was not used to such things and for a solid year i would wake up from the sound of wind or panic at the sound of thunder.

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