T-Mobile Home Internet: Fast enough for gaming?

T-Mobile’s long-awaited home internet service is here. The $60-a-month (with autopay) service has no data caps and offers speeds from 25Mbps to 100Mbps. But what’s it like using it in the real world?

0:00 Intro
1:16 Unboxing & Setup
2:35 Speed test
3:07 4K Streaming
4:04 Zoom call
5:15 Gaming test
6:08 Conclusion

Asus Tuf Dash F15 : https://bit.ly/3vDiXvJ

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  1. I’ve had it for a couple months and I haven’t had a problem but then again I only use it for my smart tv Netflix, YouTube etc…and for my laptop! I’ve never used it for online gaming so not sure how it would work! But considering that the cheapest home internet is about $75 I think it’s a good price

  2. I live in rural Washington State. We were paying Centurylink $40/month for an unreliable 4mbps. That was the only wired ISP we could get due to location, and that was the fastest speed they could give us. We finally switched to a local ISP who uses wireless access points to get us our internet, and now we’re paying $60 for 6mbps. While better and more reliable, it’s still slow and sometimes spotty. Plus, when the internet goes down over the weekend, we have to wait until Monday. Supposedly, my address isn’t eligible for Home Internet, but my neighbor across the street has it. After months of trying, I finally convinced T-Mobile today to let me get this even though my address technically isn’t eligible! Should be here in a few days, so we’ll see how it goes! For everyone saying the speeds are still so slow, when your only option is to pay more for slower Internet because you live rural, Home Internet is so incredibly appealing!

  3. Better for my area since frontier and spectrum is unavailable in my area, so this is my only option I since I'm a t mobile customer now since sprint is now merged with them but my hotspot works well on gaming and download speeds on sprint and t mobile is very good even when I'm using 4G instead of 5G it can do well like playing league of legends or Xbox/Nintendo gaming online works well and fast

  4. The problem with LTE is location location location, depending on where you live, where the nearest cell towers are located, do you have a clean signal to the tower…how far away are you from the tower etc etc, these questions are all something that directly affects the service.

  5. I have 58 (many smart plugs and lights) devices on my network I had one very big question can I use my current network name and password. This because if the answer is no I would have to reset all devices with the hope that their system works. Get the device go to set it up I need a 12 character password I only have a 9 character password. It is going back. So people in my position make sure that you have a 12 character password.

  6. T-Mobile home internet I got the same one and it gets very hot to the touch I mean very very hot that it can drop your internet so I had to buy one of those fans that go under routers on Amazon. You put it under the internet and then a adapter to plug it into the back of the USB port so that it can stay on all day and cools

  7. Been using Tmobile 5G for a short time and its so impressive. Its much faster compared to xfinity. Recently xfinity let me know they were going to cap my usage but for another $20/mo could get unlimited. Having some competition in the market is very welcome. Although if my tmobile speeds stay steady I dont know how cable would ever persuade me back.

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