T-mobile Launches 5G Home Internet Service Nationwide

This video is to update everyone that T-mobile has officially launched the home internet service nationwide. It utilizes the existing 4G LTE and 5G networks. The service costs $60 a month with unlimited data, speeds around 100mbps, and no contract. The announcement of this service expansion is great news for people in rural areas with limited internet options.

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  1. Apple Swapped Out iPhone 12 Pro Max I buy my iPhones outright from Apple . My iPhone 12 Pro Max was having issues so they swapped it out for a new one at Apple . Now under settings it shows that my phone is Carrier SIM locked . What a pain , I called Verizon and they said it takes 60 days . Of course I got an overseas call center that was a mess .

  2. I pay $60 for Xfinity with 100mbps but have to change to a current promo yearly online to get that price (started out paying $50) Already have data caps for a couple of years in California. Never go over any caps since I mainly watch OTA TV, still this is a good option if ever decide to leave Xfinity.

  3. I've had the T-Mobile at home for over a year now I got it when I was working in Virginia but I live in Mansfield Texas after my contract was up I moved it home I can have up to 20 devices on the T-Mobile at home 4G LTE I average 50 to 60 download and 30 to 40 upload…
    I have been able to take it on the road with me and it works great…
    Love T-Mobile….
    Just sayin…

  4. One of my neighbors made a post in our Facebook group of him signing up for T-Mobile Home Internet. There's been quite the discussions about Cox and Fios since our board and management did not renew the contract with Cox that has drastically lowered the associations operating budget, but caused monthly price increases for those who are Cox customers. Our 1980s brick high rise buildings and one-story community center have several areas where LTE signals are very weak and nonexistent so it will be interesting how the 5G home internet will perform.

  5. I'm willing to pay one-time cost for equipment, but I cut the cable to get passed its high monthly cost.
    Now, I find streaming wants to nickel and dime as well (maybe all the way to my previous cable bill).
    I'm interested in as close to free (like tv was before cable) as I can get. I do not subscribe to any pay services. I see it as robbery (fcc 1932 convention).

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