TED Talks The Blockchain Explained Simply

TED Talks: The Blockchain Explained Simply

YOcoin based on the Ethereum Blockchain is Bitcoin 2.0
This is the Future of Cryptocurrency…
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  1. The powerhouse that is Vechain (VET) to me stands head and shoulders above EVERY
    coin. Huge international partnerships. Huge upcoming announcements.
    Gilt-edged fundamentals. Sunny Lu. Massively undervalued still so early
    in the real bull run. The ONLY 5 STAR RATED BLOCKCHAIN. So solid on all
    levels and will attract an enormous level of both institutional and
    retail adoption because of this once things really start to heat up. To
    me its not where you start, its where you finish and VET presents as a
    glaring opportunity for those in the market that keep missing pumps of
    far lesser projects. Short term/Medium term and Long term hyper coin.
    This beast hasn't even begun baring its teeth.

  2. Blockchain jobs, careers, certifications?

    How can I get an entry level career on blockchain? What do I need to do/study/learn?

    Anyone know of any legitimate courses/certifications on blockchain? If you can mention if it's free that'd be a bonus ₿

    Blockchain jobs, careers, certifications?

    Any idea on how to get an entry level job to blockchain? What should I do to start out my career and advance?

  3. Alternate view – God is omnipresent. Satan wants to be God but is limited…blockchain is artificial omnipresence and omnipotence. Soon everyone will be limited to the blockchain for … just about everything… unless you have a way higher than the blockchain.

  4. Explained really well! Blockchain is going to make a lot more remarkable things in future it's just a beginning & Security is one of the most important features of blockchain technology & that's one of the best thing about cvw.io, it has blockchain 3.0 which is one of the quickest, yet reliable and secure system.

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