The Boy Who Turned into a Gas Pump – Tales From the Internet (Lost Media)

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People have been searching for an old children’s book where a boy runs away from home and turns into a gas pump.

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  1. Whang: I am interested.

    Them: Whang expressed relative disinterest.

    This is all Whang’s fault.
    He’s led us all to believe he leaps into action and performs fellatio on anyone who sends him content he finds interesting.
    What a weaselly, little liar, dude!

  2. Yeah I remember a heartwarming story that took place in the North Pole about an elf child who is picked on by his classmates and befriends a friendly troll janitor who teaches him to stand up for himself as he and the janitor eat his entire class after becoming a troll himself. They lived happily ever after.

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