The Dead Internet Theory

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The Dead Internet Theory
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Giới thiệuThúy Navi

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  1. This video was created by an A.I.

    by 16:00 in the video I'm calling it

    an A.I. wrote this video, narrated it and assembled the clips– I applaud the programmer who was able to make an A.I. that understands and implements the concepts behind making youtube videos

    15:38 "I want to be challenged repeatedly, so I can either strengthen my perspective, or change it if necessary"

    After all, a computer would use human logic and reasoning more astutely than humans themselves…

  2. They told us 100 year's ago, that they would handle everything that you encounter in your daily routine and no one believes that they can and DO,

    The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

    and YOU will comprehend that the Life that you are leading is Not your OWN.

  3. Don't trust videos that say "have you over noticed…" or "do you remember when….". Vids like this are playing on your emotions.
    This is capitalism.
    Once we had stores everywhere, now everyone just goes to Walmart or Costco. You can do this with almost anything, because everything changes with time, especially new technology. A video like this takes a truth, but creates the story to push a narrative.

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