The Dwarf Child Conspiracy – Internet Mysteries

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Today we’ll look at the stories of Quaden Bayles and Keaton Jones.

Written by Bedhead Bernie: https://www.youtube.com/c/bernievidz
Edited by Turkey Tom: https://www.youtube.com/c/TurkeyTom


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  1. I’ve met this kid numerous times and Yarraka is such a great woman. She’s a strong Indigenous woman who suffered from addiction in the past and she’s done well to pick herself up off the ground and raise her kids. Her daughter Guyala is a spoken words artist and is a strong and prominent voice of the indigenous community, so it sucks that they were being dragged through the ringer.

    The video wasn’t the first time she asked for help, as she posted numerous posts in the past asking for help. My heart broke for them when all this was going on. Big ups to Yarraka, and stay strong Quadey ❤️??

  2. I don’t believe he’s 18, but when I first saw the video I also thought it sounded coached. I’m not saying this poor kid wasn’t bullied, but I do think his mother orchestrated that video. You also can’t ignore the fact that he’s a child actor. Child actors are very capable of feigning emotion, and are usually very mature for their age.

  3. These types of stories, makes me feel that the Internet should have never been made available to the masses, it should stayed complicated rather than simple. Only half the world should know how to know properly use it.

    I understand that if we didn't open up the Internet to everyone, our life might be very difficult, but these stories sometimes gets the best of me.

  4. Still think it was a hoax. No not his age. But the whole video was just staged. He goes from all confident in his Instagram with lots of followers and wears today's most stylish brands to dressing like your typical school nerd and repeatedly yelling he's going to kill himself no background story of what actually "happened" in the incident. He was listed as an "actor" on Google but definitely not a good one.

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