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The Fastest Sovereign Citizen Arrest Video on the Internet?

Here we have Sovereign Citizen and self proclaimed ‘America National’ Thomas Humphrey from Facebook recording the fastest sovcit arrest video on the Internet .
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  1. Wow, you could’ve not said anything about this video. Your introduction commentary dragged on longer than the actual video. Like, wow. Literally, could’ve said nothing. At. All. Folks, videos, such as this, are of people who are unable to garnish attention from any other aspect in their lives. You could, intentionally, drive, an H-1, on a sidewalk, into a subway platform and, the only person you fatally run over would be the person who is ‘YT famous’, and, their body would remain in the morgue, indefinitely, without anyone being able to identify the body.

    This is the nightmare ‘YT famous’, ‘influencers’ have, that causes them to wake up in cold sweats. In their bid to remain relevant.

    Could have just said, ‘this video is self explanatory’.

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