The First Internet Hoax – Inside A Mind

An urban legend tells of a group of scientists who successfully escaped into another dimension.
Join me as we go back in time to a place where the internet was like nothing we see today.
Ongs Hat is a ghost town in New Jersey’s Pine Barrens. Many Myths and Lergends are said to exist within the area. Such as the Jersey Devil and a tale revolving around a military operation that came into the town and took several individuals nearby who were never heard of again.

This is the story of Ong’s Hat.

Written By Jamie C. Foster
Edited By Replayed.CO & Jamie C. Foster
Artistic Drawings of Invasion By Idiotmotion on Fiverr
Did Nothing: Frostadoodle


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  1. Just like with Fantastic Daily, If any aspiring ARG/unfiction creators are to take a single thing away from this video, it should be that a very very VERY important part of making this sort of content is cultivating an audience who you're certain is in on your project being a piece of immersive fiction.

  2. Thanks. It's odd to me that people can get so invested in such a story as to begin to seem unhinged, yet no one plays say, "Hunt a Killer" and thinks it's real. Adults don't normally sit around a camp fire telling ghost stories, only to have to talk down a couple a people who swear it's all true. The lines between fantasy and belief are badly drawn in the human psyche. tavi.

  3. this is so great!! i wonder if maybe you can help me find a lost, creepy youtube video?

    it was a game review — but told more like a story. the game was sent to the reviewer by a friend. my memory is a bit fuzzy but it involved an empty house, and there were no characters.

    the implication, as it went on, was the friend was very ill… the game was a way of communicating. the reviewer had regrets about not keeping track of the friend. it was spooky.

  4. This is tragic, how they wound up those people to just come after him because they were true believers like that. It is sad and terrifying. but It just hurts my soul a little bit that things like this, large art forms like this, can't be done because people can't chill and accept that things are just a story to enjoy.
    Sorry Joseph that you couldn't tell your full story.

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