The Happiest Videos On YouTube/Internet

Soldiers returning home, goofy dinosaurs, and monkeys — just some of happiest videos on YouTube that brighten a Cracked staffer’s day.

Seriously, search the internet for some Pankun and James!


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  1. To be honest (which I often am, surprisingly), I have to admit I expected to see a video of the monkey eating the dog… because the internet is full of heartbreak.

    … and perhaps because I'm a horribly pessimistic person, thanks in no small part to the commercial "internet" (as opposed to it's more professional, less capitalistic, and less depressing predecessors, such as ARPAnet, which I was also connected to at one point…)

  2. Hey, it's valid to make your affirmations believable to yourself. I think it can be more useful to say "I think people like me" than "people definitely like me", if you find that the latter doesn't feel true when you say it. Sometimes the target needs to be "positive things I will reluctantly concede as true".

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