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Today we’ll look at the story of a fight club run by a teacher.

Written by Bedhead Bernie: https://www.youtube.com/c/bernievidz
Edited by Slacker: https://twitter.com/DIGITALM0SHPIT


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  1. In ninth grade, we had a fight club in my high school too that was ran by a kid by let’s call him trot. The location was at the locker room and you either slapboxed or regular boxed. We had boxing gloves and even a referee. Almost every boy from my class fought except for me and a couple of others. I was going to fight this one tall kid who wouldn’t stop bitching about me. But then COVID hit and we had to do online class. Looking back at it, if I did try to box him, it would of been looking like a punch out match as I wouldn’t call myself small, but he was very tall. I mean, he was in the track team so I would either loss or win somehow if I did fought

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