The Internet in 100 Years

The idea that a whole generation of kids might be raised on Twitter is extremely scary…

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I have such a love/hate relationship with the internet. On one end, you can access almost all the information the world has to offer within seconds. But on the other end, you have sites like Reddit…and Twitter…and 4chan. And with the recent removal of dislikes on YouTube, it’s pretty clear that the internet is taking a more “brand-safety” direction.

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  1. This is so deep. I cannot believe that the "megacorporations" are slaving us more every day, even willing to make us reach the point where we are mindless husks that lack any will, we need to put a stop to this disgusting system. I have bought a house in the middle of the woods, and I am ready to throw away all my electronic equipments and devices(including my samsung smart fridge) starting from today, so that I will finally be able to return to monke and be free from this society that oppresses and slaves us gamers.

  2. In 1949 when George Orwell was putting pen to paper, written word was a primary source of media. Today short format video has become a very prominent form of media as the printed book has fell in popularity. That, along with this video's expression of a dystopian future given the current trajectory of society, makes this video culturally on-par with 1984.

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