The Internet Is Surprised After Russell Wilson Reveals His ‘Bedroom Voice’ with Wife Ciara

We share our “bedroom voices” after Russell Wilson shocked users on social media with his deep tone with wife Ciara. Find out which of us likes to switch up the tone, speak in another language, or get straight to the point. Plus, Prince Harry puts a ring on it! He and Meghan Markle announce their engagement.

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  1. Aww this is sad because tamera’s brother used to date Naya back in the day- I believe they were childhood sweethearts. I commend how tamera handled this situation. Also I agree with Adrienne! I would never put my hands on a man ever and I expect the same in return. However, if for a second I lost my mind and hit a man, I would instinctively take a step back because you ever know/ can control how someone else reacts. Some men don’t have the self control and will back hand anyone – even their girl. Violence in relationships is so wrong and my heart breaks for victims of domestic abuse.

  2. Meghan & Harry Are Engaged
    To think so much has happened in the Royal Palace since their engagement… they now have two children… have decided to separate from royal duties… And are now happily residing in California ! I just wish them well cuz those first two years were truly treacherous for Meghan from royal British media

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