The Internet of Bodies: Have you been upgraded?

This episode looks at the advancements of science, biology and what it could mean for our near future as humans. The potential of such advances and the risks that could come with it. Reading between the lines is required…

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The second clip was a conglomerate of several and could not locate a single source.
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  1. Once they get everyone to have a vaccine passport it won't just be used to enforce all vaccinations but to make you comply to all their demands. Once the brain interface mesh Elon Musk behind is added to a vaccine than everyone who has it will be hooked up to a network and it'll monitor and know all thoughts and dreams but worse it'll work the other way too and send thoughts. These people are sick and many pedophiles and I wondered how they'll get the masses on board or keep quiet. Because you'll be reliant on the state for credit homes etc and passport be terminated if any non compliance and if you have children you won't be able to look after them so the state will…. This has to end

  2. Most people annoy the hell of me. I’d really rather not have them around me, so it took me awhile to figure out that there were a group of psychopaths that wanted to get so close to other people that they controlled every aspect of their lives. Dumb psychopaths go to prison. Smart psychopaths occupy most of the positions of power. Fun times.

  3. A tool is a double edged sword… you can work iron to create a hoe and feed the world or form it in to a sword and conquer it. All technology is a tool, and humanity has always had a jekyl and hyde complex. The more tools created the more opportunity for the bad to use them negatively, the more complex the problems become, and the more measures have to be taken by the good to ensure the bad do not take control… once biotech becomes available and applicable, the real "class warfare" will begin. The upper class always have access to technology first because of the resources available to them, and the slime of humanity that seek power/authority over others always eventually rise to the top (from buying out patents to creating the infrastructure with the new tech that everyone will be attached to). It seems good intentioned scientists have been used over the last century to create power structures that will very soon, if left unchecked by the majority of humanity, be impossible to challenge.

    "My Kingdom is not of this world" – Christ.

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