The internet says I file wrong. So I built THIS machine. Pt. 1/2

I build the biggest file testing machine using my shaper in order to perform tens of thousands of perfect strokes as I put files to the test. After receiving a lot of spiteful comments for back-dragging my file, I decided to look into why it is frowned upon. That journey led me to create my very own file tester rig. I use the waterjet, go kart grinder, and Marvel bandsaw in order to fabricate a device to attach to my shaper, ensuring I can test files!

Pferd Files

My Cincinnati Shaper

Hardtail Vise


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  1. I've got to admit that the US Navy's nuclear MM "A" school told us that under no circumstances should we ever back drag a file. I 'learned' this over a quarter century ago, and it has stuck with me over the years. Your example of hacksaw blades makes perfect sense and would definitely debunk the old tradition in and of itself. I am anxious to see the results of your highly scientific testing process to see if the old back dragging is a truth or fiction. I agree with many other commenters that we often hold onto beliefs because they are part of old "tribal knowledge".

  2. What really matters, methinks, is the pressure applied on the backstroke. I suspect you see no noticeable damage if simply dragged backwards rather than with any significant pressure applied. And the lack of statement in the nicholson file book is unfortunately no evidence for or against; you cannot take lack of statement as statement against, some things were just considered common knowledge

  3. Yes, you should use all the length of the file, with a constant horizontal movement, without back-dragging the file on the workpiece. That's how I was taught 50 years ago.

    And a manual thread maker with a ratchet and only one handle it's a foolishness because if you don't have two handles, it is impossible to keep the tool vertical.

    When you make threads manually, it is also important to turn back the tool at least a half of rotation for every forward rotation, to take out the debris from the thread. And you should put some cutting oil on the workpiece.


  4. Pretty sure metal files are not made correctly since everything is made in China….. So there is no wrong way to file…. Then again…. Why invent electric hand grinders if filing correctly is soooo f ing important? Filing flamers might want to display how to correctly use a file on thier hemroids….

  5. I would almost say any haters would seem to be of the Millidiot Creampuff era. However thinking again…. They cant change a tire…. Then again knowing that "filing incorrectly" if such a thing exist…. Apparently irritates so many people to the point of going to all this trouble to prove otherwise??? I think I will create my own Youtube channel videos of daily metal filing incorrectly and fingernails scratching chalkboards….because, you know, this subject of filing correctly and then the absolute egotistical need to express the absolute perfect way to file and then having the need to again show the superiorness of the filing know-it-alls gods who are "Legends In Thier Own Minds" feel the need to flame people on thier "Filing Techniques"…. I wonder if those same filing flamers drive around to all the Hair Salons around the world and harrass the Manicurist Nail Filing Techniques?

    When I see such a great channel such as this sharing a wealth of useful knowledge….. And then feels the need to build an entire filing jig with a scientific approach to prove these flamers wrong….. Uuhhgg…

    Remember Flamers…. Its not about you…. No one in the universe cares about your negative comments or your existence…. Seriously… If anyone goes to the trouble of sharing info….. Turn off comments

  6. Question.
    This is pertaining to an older video where you built the vice.
    Could you upload a PDF or something showing what you used and the placement (order) of the parts that makes up the screw and such of that vice? I have a vice that I want to restore and upgrade to have super smooth movement, that's easy to spin, but still has the torques to crush whatever I seen necessary.
    Thank you

  7. I´ve learned that draggign a File isn´t so bad but whats really important is to keep it in one direction when pushing forwards this way the file cuts way better than draggign it all over the place while a stroke. Cool video and very interesting keep up the good content. btw i love your machine shop you have some really cool machinery and equipment.

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