The Internet's Best Reactions To The 2021 Russian Grand Prix

Matt takes a look at your best comments and reactions from a CRAZY 2021 Russian Grand Prix at Sochi.

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  1. Agree, anyone in Lando's shoes would have done the same. Im a Hamilton, have been since '07, never gonna stop, lol! But even Lewis (who is literal perfection, Matt said it, not me) would not have given up track position to pit with a few laps to go, if he had the same radio messages Lando had.

  2. Sorry i disagree re lando. I think the problem was he was hell bent on winning rather than slipping to second. Once Lewis boxed he should have covered him regardless. They had 50 seconds to Perez and would have been on the same tyre, wether it be the slower or the faster. Ultimately it cost him a lot of points and a podium finish. Barring that tho, it was an impressive and mature drive. And I think he will learn from it too

  3. Why Bottas didn't really defend against Max?
    Well, firstly he was in clipping mode. But secondly and more importantly, I think he has had enough of the Mercedes team order schemes. I mean, they even went that far to install a new power unit overnight. It's not like Max also needs to pass Valtteri at some point when they would've left him at P7. But yeah, that would mean that even if he would've kept Max behind him, Max would most likely still score a few points. So with that scheme Mercedes tried to keep Max out of the points and sacrificed Valtteri's race completely with an uncalibrated and untested power unit going into a race.
    Valtteri might've gotten on the podium maybe. But it shows that Mercedes is going for Lewis' 8th title instead of securing the constructeur's championship. I guess the team is going for the driver's world championship record in a Mercedes at this point.
    But Valtteri isn't having any of this. You could already see it in Zandvoort. He didn't even bother to block Max there and he didn't even bother to block Max here. Even in Monza he commented the crash with "unfortunate" and laughed. Basically a "I don't care… I don't care at all." xD

  4. I'm a Hamilton fan through and through, love to see him race, have enjoyed his racing since his first lap in F1, and I'm very happy for his 100th win, an impressive record.
    BUT I'm also gutted for Lando, he did such an incredible race, and if it had stayed dry the battle for p1 would have been great, and he would have probably win it?‍♂️. sadly the wrong call was made. the boy has amazing potentials and he will get his first win soon!
    I loved how he went and hugged Lewis after the race 🙂

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