The Internet's Best Reactions To The 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

Matt takes a look at your best comments and reactions from the 2021 Saudi Arabia Grand Prix at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit.
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  1. Bless Max he gives it a full go and no wonder he is getting so frustrated.That Merc in race trim is just so superior Drs zone it looks like a lightning bolt passing. I would love to see a car swap I give max a 1.5 lap advantage.He is way quicker and is getting better lewis is past his best. Feel sorry for George next season he will get his brain pickled as Botas. Is there any way that ridiculous scooter could be run over by a heavy truck.

  2. The Better Balls Won. A Balls 2 d Walls trk w U Need Balls 2 gt Further Up. Ballsman Hammy did dat. Evn w MadBalls Max doin sm MadBalls mvs n him n Evrybdy. Ballsman proved he's d Real Master Ballsman. I Think he gt a MasterSlam 2. Dat's 1 short of a GrandSlam. If U ddnt know, it's Pole, LAL, Win n Fastest Lap. LAL is Lead All Laps.

  3. lol, i was watching the race with my buddy.. and the commentary was like everyone has been summoned to the stewards with a racing incident and a penalty.

    Also, for a lot of fervor for the track, its amazing to play on the F1 2021 game. The takeouts are so fun over theree

  4. Everyone says max is a dirty driver something I do not have a problem with but no one says that mercedes as a team have dirty tactics. Not once, not twice but so many times. Not sure how people dont see that. Bottas slowing for a double stack, hamilton far far away from max before the restart(pathetic really) and Hamilton not overtaking max when he gave so much space to go past him and slowed down as well. What happens if a car ahead of you is slower, you freaking just overtake and what lewis did there was so dirty coz he knew max will have a chance to get past him and later he says he got break tested. I mean how can all this go unnoticed.

  5. Being an American and new to F1, and coming from a couple of decades of watching NASCAR, you F1 fans are very confusing and all over the place sometimes. I don't think your poor little hearts could handle a full season of NASCAR, watching drivers race hard and bumping into each other and pit maneuvering each other on the last lap and bump drafting. In NASCAR the motto is "rubbing is racing". Everywhere I go on social media and in forums involving F1, I hear fans crying that the racing is boring, and you want to see more passing, and more competitive racing. But then when you get a race where drivers are racing one another hard, and passing each other like crazy, and every point matters, and they're racing with a championship on a line, everybody gets butt hurt and starts crying foul and crying for penalties and all kinds of weak nonsense. I say let them freaking race! If these new cars next year work like the powers that be over F1 are hoping, and it allows these cars to follow closer behind one another and pass better, just know that these drivers are going to get much more brave and aggressive and you're going to see racing like Sunday night way more often. I swear I think these F1 drivers have gotten so used to so many years of not being able to race one another hard or pass that, when they do go for a pass, 50 % of the time, if they slightly touch one another, all hell breaks loose and both cars go flying into walls and they don't seem to be able to handle even a light touch. One thing I noticed with these new cars is, those covers they are putting over the rims on the tires. If you think for one second that these drivers aren't going to figure out that those can be used so someone can take their front right rim cover and tap the guy in front's left rear cover and get them loose to get the pass, then you're kidding yourselves. As soon as I saw that new car and saw those plates over the rims I thought, "battering ram" lol. I just think F1 fans need to toughen up a little bit because, if these new cars work the way they're supposed too, the racing is going to get much more aggressive and some of you people aren't going to be able to handle it without stroking out. What I saw last night was exciting as hell and probably the most exciting F1 race I have watched so far this year. I saw two drivers racing their hearts out and driving those race cars like they stole them, trying everything they could think of to win a championship. To me, Sunday night is what competitive racing is all about.

  6. We will be looking at this season a couple years time and realize what a blessing it was.
    Hamilton, Verstappen, Alonso, Vettel, Raikkonen, and even the Schumacher name returning.
    Fights for the title, fights across the midfield, crazy races… all that we could ask for in a championship.

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