The Internet's Most Absurd Lies

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This week: we take a trip down memory lane and talk about some people lying on the internet. Enjoy!

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  1. Omg, you guys the craziest thing just happened to me after I watched this video! I was eating a veggie burger and a piece of the patty fell out of my mouth and hit the like the button! Not too long after that, I went to Walmart and saw Kurtis Conner! Like, what are the chances of him needing to go to the store at the SAME TIME as me ???? Coolest Day Everrrr

  2. My whole thing with shifting is that is not safe. 9/10 times it’s used for an unhealthy coping mechanism for people who don’t want to confront what’s happening or has happened in their life. (And it’s understandable because I don’t want to come to terms with the entirety of the last two years) but it seems like a good way to get really deep into depression really easily. But if you need it and if your able to then go to a therapist or talk to someone as cheesy as it sounds. “Shifting” is only temporary and you can’t hide from reality for ever (albeit unfortunately)

  3. yayyyyy another video where u directly shit on spirituality. bro i watch literally every single one of your videos and you’ve done this like three times and i just get really fucking disappointed every single time. i get you mean no harm and i know i’m supposed to “get over it” or whatever but just lay off it. thanks.

  4. The dumbest and most dangerous thing I’ve heard by the shifting community is that you can shift to your "desired reality" forever by pretty much killing yourself. I don’t think anyone really killed himself but there are a lot of forums talking about it and it could end up very bad if some influential kids fell into that rabbit hole.

  5. Another great video, man…Oh, and Tucker Carlson is not, at all, a white supremacist (anyone who believes that is, objectively, either a willfully ignorant NPC or has been indoctrnated b/c they can't think critically, never question what their told and blindly believe what other people tell them) for themselves or a racist or all the other silly nonsense the far-left throws at him. He is still MSM (and ALL main stream media news is not trust worthy, AT ALL), but he does actually tell the truth a lot of the time as well as report on a lot of stories that other MSM outlets refuse to… Just saying.

    P.S. Misinformation as well as " Misinformation" is protected by the constitution. Trust me, you do not want to have a "Ministry Of Truth" run by our 100% corrupt, bought and payed for government, dictating and censoring what only they deem to be misinformation and objective facts/truth… That's fucking Orwellian.

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