The Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict Blows Up the Internet | Ep 390

Stu Burguiere has the latest coverage on the long-awaited Kyle Rittenhouse verdict and shares his analysis on reactions from all across the internet. Just remember, Twitter is NOT real life, but it can be an entertaining place. Then, @BlazeTV’s @Sara Gonzales Unfiltered joins to share her Rittenhouse trial updates and blows up the company-wide merch war. And, TheBlaze’s Jeffy Fisher stops in to @Stu Does America for his final interview with a full head of hair.


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  1. LOL!!! Stu, loved your Christmas greeting to ole Kamala. Very fitting and spot on. The only thing I think was not quite right is that she still has 27 more points to decline and I think she will take advance of those. She has not yet hit her lowest rating. Just think, for many months she has been mostly out of the public eye, imagine what would happen if she actually came out of hiding and did something? Imagine if we could see her, and hear her on a daily basis. Do they have negative numbers on those polls????

  2. Maybe a good thing that will come out of the trial will be that some people might wake up to the lying media, and start to question the whole narrative that is being put out by the mainstream media. Maybe some of them will start researching more of the stories put out by the media, and start to really question it all.

  3. RIGHT at 4:20 you can catch Stu falling asleep while talking. It's perfect as both he and I are seriously done hearing / reading about how the 2nd amendment worked again. How is this news again? Oh yeah, the clash of institutions. Rule of law vs Twitter. God knows what sensational nonsense is next.

  4. Stu I Love the Christmas Card on Friday to Kamala from Biden’s Butt I really needed that I would actually pay you for that card! You are doing life wrong, just fantastic I truly think about it and smile! Thank You Stu for a great Show and card my birthday is December third please let me get that one ❤️🙏🦋

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