The Lost Liveleak Video: chechclear – Tales From the Internet

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A different sort of lost media search

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  1. I saw this albeit a much shorter version back in the day. The boot on the head is sadly an iconic shot.

    Like so many comments I read here I used to find gore an entertaining curiosity, then one day I downloaded the Daniel Pearl video, got about 10 seconds in and could see the absolute terror on his face and hit stop, and never came back to these sites.

    Watching a living sentient being suffer is not entertainment, if you find it as such please seek help.

  2. Whats disgusting and important to remember also is that in West Europe at the time of these wars, the media and political elite showed endless sympathy and love to the Chechens (the side that includes the terrorists in this video) and condemnations of Russia's counter-terrorism operations

    When 2 chechen islamists blew up the boston marathon in 2013, almost nobody in Russia was surprised by their behaviour

  3. Hey whang, I just wanted to say quickly that even with the warning about the sound I feel like most people don't want it to be here at all. I don't know if it's just me but hearing that stuff can be just as bad as watching the vid itself since I have to picture the stuff going on. I usually watch YouTube on a second monitor and if I didn't glance over in time to see the warning I'd have to hear something I'd rather not listen to. These vids are to me a way to understand how fucked humanity can be without actually listening to or witnessing the atrocities. Hope you take what I said into account. Thanks man.

  4. When I was 11 years old I used to hang around Roleplay forums and the like. Unfortunately they would get raided frequently and people would share videos like beheading, rape, zoophilia, so on and so forth. Looking back, it's honestly fucked up how commonplace media like this was. I wish I never got exposed to shit like this at such a young age. Absolutely vile.

  5. I saw this video on Myspace of all places, back in the day. Don't know if it was 5 minutes or not. All I know is I saw that kid get his throat cut, and I'll never forget the sounds.

    The mumbling as the knife enters his neck will always be in my head, it's heavy, wouldn't reccomend for family movie night.

  6. I remember watching this whole video…a couple tried to run and were gunned down and the Russians getting executed were kinda badass, being laid beside your comrade while he gets his neck cut and you don’t make a sound…just accepting the inevitable…to my knowledge this is the video you’re speaking of and it is brutal

  7. The 5 min vid is ABSOLUTELY real. I don't have a copy but it was the first AND last murder video like that I ever saw as a kid. I was the one nerd with internet in my group of friends that was looking for that stuff and I broke them all with that clip.

    The way they make fun of him, and you can even hear his scream get louder even though his mouth is closed seemingly screaming out of the gash in his throat.

    Then the camera cuts and some taliban lookin peep with black burka thingies covering their faces like ninjas. I havnr seen it since then but that's how the one I saw went.

    The dude was saying shit for what seemed like forever before they just slashed his throat and sawed through it

  8. I have seen so much on the internet I feel like I should be upset at how desensitized I've become to this. I remember watching my great grand mother pass (we had to turn off her heart, hurts my heart, they had forced her to live 4 more years. she said when she was there she only wanted to live to 100.) That sound that the boy makes (er atleast the wind sound)is the same sound that came out of my great grandmother as she passed.

  9. There was also a video where members of Russian National Unity, a Russian neo-nazi/fascist party, decapitate a minority similarely to this one.

    The interesting part is that it was theorized that the video was actually made by the Russian police, trying to frame the RNY, but I do not know the story about this.

  10. I've always wondered what attracted people to view this sort of material. I've been in healthcare now for 15 years and I've seen some pretty horrific shit. And maybe because of that I have absolutely zero desire to get any more images like that into my brain. I wonder sometimes if we lead such a sterile existence here in the US and in the Western world in general; that videos like this don't even seem real too many people. I think once you're more familiar with death, and have seen it up close, the desire to see more of it is largely gone.

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